Thursday, 23 January 2014: Two Hundred and Ninety Seven Days Old.

Along with Ayla’s new found freedom has come a seemingly endless ball of energy.

In all of today Ayla has napped for less than an hour (instead of her usual four) but surprisingly she still isn’t showing signs of tiredness despite it being nearly 5.30pm.

It’s ironic because just this morning I took Ayla to the community health care nurse to discuss possible reasons for her being so tired and needing a nap after every few hours of awake time.

The nurse looked at me like I was crazy and explained that Ayla is far too spritely and active for there to be anything to worry about. I felt like trying to explain about the dark-ringed eyes, the yawning and the passing out in awkward positions but decided against it and chose to cop the “crazy lady” looks on the chin.

And now I realise that all the extra sleep Ayla was needing must have been to rest her brain after all it’s growing!

I can’t express how much Ayla seems to have developed in the last couple of days; it’s like she’s become a big kid overnight.

She’s communicating on a whole new level – talking almost – and she’s now comfortably 50/50 on solids and breast milk 😦

Ayla can sit up from lying down, her crawling has improved tenfold since yesterday and she’s way more interested and involved in things like books and songs.

It turns out Ayla’s little body has been busy growing too!

According to the nurse Ayla’s now almost in the 50th percentile for height and weight, even though she’s been the 25th percentile or lower since she was born.

Ayla’s stats at a little over 9.5 months are;

W 8.18kg / 1.2 stone)
H 70cm
H/C 45c,


Busy little bee


Monday, 18 November 2013: Thirty Three Weeks Old.

Ayla is such a busy little bee!

She’s into everything, loves making mess and just has to be involved in everything I’m doing.

I put her on her play mat today and instead of lying peacefully on her back Ayla was rolling over, squirming and wiggling around until she was well and truely on the tiles.

She also made a fine mess of the fruit I gave her for lunch. Ayla had bits of banana and strawberry everywhere – from head to toe – and she loved every second of the meal; splashing and banging and throwing things around like crazy.

Even when I’m breast feeding Ayla doesn’t really stay still…. She’s either kicking or waving her hand or playing with the skin on my neck until she’s finished, or asleep.

I can already see Ayla getting frustrated by her lack of mobility (she doesn’t like staying in the one spot too long) and I know it’s probably only weeks before she’s up and about. Look out!


Live wire


Monday, 30 September 2013: Twenty Six Weeks Old.

My Grandma said she thinks Ayla is going to be “a real live wire”, and I reckon she’s right on the money.

Ayla is into EVERYTHING. Any thing she can grab, kick, lick, lean into or reach for is in danger.

If Ayla’s not part of a conversation, she gets herself into it quick smart by squealing, screeching or “talking” her way to the centre of attention.

If Ayla’s been in the one spot, one room or on the one activity for too long she starts grizzling and squirming and complaining until I move her somewhere new (preferably outside).

Ayla doesn’t like lying down or being on the floor because she can see so much more from up high.

And Ayla doesn’t like going to bed if she thinks she’s missing out on any form of excitement.

We’re going to have our work cut out for us, Hubby and I, but I guess with us as her parents we couldn’t expect anything less!