Baby Ayla is NOT allergic to nuts, seafood, shellfish, dairy, wheat, stone fruit, bananas, coconut, eggs or any of the other usual suspects…

Baby Ayla is allergic to grass.

I’m the same; if we sit or lie in grass for any more than a few minutes we’ll break out in a fine, red, itchy rash that’s borderline painful.

After a number of short adventures on the lawn I thought Ayla may have escaped my grass-rash gene, but today she spent a good hour in the backyard and by the end her of it little legs were red from the knees down.

I felt awful for Ayla because I knew exactly what she was going through and I could tell that the rash was upsetting her because our usual night time routine was in an uproar of irritability.

Even when I put Ayla in the sink for a bath she still yelled and whinged, and it was then that I realised an itchy rash must be torture for baby who can’t scratch!

So out came the Calamine lotion, which I rubbed on Ayla’s little legs after she’d had cool bath, and then Hubby carried her around under her arms for a while so her legs could dangle and dry.

Finally when the Calamine had set and Ayla was cocooned and ready for bed she started to settle, so I turned her air con down a couple of degrees and hoped we’d all get a good nights sleep.