Seasoned traveler


Sunday, 14 July 2013: One Hundred and Four Days Old.

At three and a half month old, our little Baby Ayla Rose is now a seasoned traveler.

She’s been camping. She’s traveled on planes and stayed in strange beds. She’s gone from wearing winter clothes to summer bikinis in less than a week.

And today, she mastered the great Aussie driving holiday.

For five and a half hours Ayla made the back seat of our Navara her own. She slept for most of it, played with her toys for some of it, and she even started up a conversation with us every now and then.

Hubby and I took it easy on the road, stopping a few times for fuel and food.

And each time we pulled over Ayla was as happy to be taken out of her car seat and join in the adventure as she was to be put back in it and hit the road again.

We made it home relaxed and in one piece, so proud of our little girl and refreshed from our wonderful weekend away.


Road Trip


Friday, 12 July 2013; One Hundred and Two Days Old.

Ayla went on her first proper road trip today, to a little tourist town four hours away.

The trip is in aid of our five year wedding anniversary, and it doubles as our first ever family holiday.

Ayla was wonderful in the car, sleeping in long stints and generally happy to amuse herself with a toy, or her newly-discovered hands, and watch as the trees whizzed by her window.

After we arrived at our cabin, we tucked Baby Ayla in her baby sling and took her for a fish at a nearby creek.

She looked so happy, wrapped up in Daddy’s chest watching the birds and trees. She’s going to be a nature lover for sure 🙂