In my arms


Monday, 16 September 2013: Twenty Four Weeks Old.

One of my most precious times with Ayla is when she falls asleep in my arms.

As she lay with me this afternoon, naked with a full belly of milk, it was like time stood still.

I ran my fingers gently over her skin and through her hair, I brushed her cheek with the back of my hand and I drank in her delicious baby smell.

I realised that Ayla is so vulnerable and helpless, but to look at her sleeping you’d never know… She’s a picture of pure serenity with no fear or concept of her fragility.

In my arms, Ayla feels safe and protected and she can sleep soundly knowing that I would do anything for her.


Gift of life


Thursday, 12 September 2013: One Hundred and Sixty Four Days Old.

Hubby and I were chatting tonight when he pointed out that we’ve given the gift of life to somebody, we’ve created a whole person.

Although in tough times we might feel we’ve given a bit of our lives, what we’ve given Ayla is the most ultimate gift of all.

And our reward is sharing her new life with her.

Like the first time she tries sherbet.

Like when she feels proud for the first time.

Like learning why the sky is blue.

Like finding her first shell on the beach.

All the beautiful, wonderful and amazing things that we’ve done during our lives we get to experience again, through the eyes of our little girl.


Front Mullet


Tuesday, 10 September 2013: One Hundred and Sixty One Days Old.

It’s official…. Baby Ayla has a front mullet.

Not to be confused with a regular mullet, the stylish front mullet keeps the boring business stuff at the back thus allowing the front to par-tay all day.

It’s a great hair doo for Ayla because a front mullet can be easily styled to look like a party hat so she’s never unprepared for a good time.

No really, in all seriousness, Ayla’s front mullet has become a bit of a talking point…

She’s had comments from friends, family and even strangers on her not-very-desirable hair doo, but luckily for Ayla she wears it with a special kind of classy cute unrivalled by imitation.

Ayla’s infamous front mullet has evolved since she started losing her “birth” hair a few months ago.

Now, at just five and a bit months old Ayla’s sporting a style more commonly found in Chinese retirement villages, or alone and hunched over in the witchcraft section of the library.

But what exacerbates Ayla’s doo is the colour.

The dark brown locks Ayla was born with are slowly being replaced with white blonde wisps of hair that match her pale skin, so even if new hair has sprouted it’s almost invisible to the naked eye!

But don’t despair! You too can get a front mullet and be just like Baby Ayla! Call your local hairdresser NOW to book an appointment and don’t take no for an answer…