Politics and sleep


Saturday, 7 September 2013: One Hundred and Sixty Days Old

Two significant things happened in Ayla’s life today:

1. Ayla attended her first polling booth

2. Ayla went to sleep at someone else’s house

Ok, so attending your first polling booth might not seem very significant for a five month old, but to me it’s an important part of being Australian.

We’re lucky to have our say in how we’re governed and it’s important to Hubby and I that Ayla’s learns she has a voice and can be heard.

While one single vote among 21 million might not constitute as having a say, it represents our right to speak out, make a difference and stand up for what we believe in.

Today’s election stirred a conversation between Hubby and I about how we’ll raise Ayla politically. The decision; to empower her to make educated decisions on what’s best for her.

Now enough of politics.

The second significant thing that happened was that Ayla went to bed at someone else’s house!

We went over to a friends place for tea and decided, for the first time, to try and keep Ayla’s bedtime routine.

So, at 7.00 I gave Ayla her night time feed and by 8.00 she was sound asleep in her bassinet.

It was great! It meant I got to enjoy a nice adult dinner WITH TWO HANDS, and I even got to have a couple of beers.

When the time came to leave we bundled Ayla up and popped her (still sleeping) into her car seat.

I said to Hubby that I finally felt like a real parent, bringing our sleeping kid home after a night out.


Bedtime fight


Friday, 6 September 2013: One Hundred and Fifty Nine Days Old

Ayla and I had our first bedtime fight last night, and it was a doozy!

We were in a battle of wits, Ayla and I. She wanted to sleep in my arms and I wanted her in her bed.

Every time I put her down she’d start crying. I tried every trick in the book and I even googled “getting a five month old baby to sleep” but there was no new information to help me.

The 20 minute cry-cuddle-go down-cry fiasco continued over and over… For three hours.

It’s seems it may have just been once off though (touch wood) because its 8 o’clock and she’s out for the count.


Hands full


Saturday, 17 August 2013: One Hundred and Thirty Seven Days Old.

Hubby and I are going to have our hands full with Baby Ayla pretty soon (if not already!)

It started a few weeks ago when Ayla (who’s still exclusively breast fed) decided she didn’t want to take the bottle anymore.

We’ve tried everything to get her back on it – different bottles, different teats, frozen milk, fresh milk, different feeding positions, different times – but nope, she doesn’t want a milk bar of it!

Then in just the last few days, she’s started to fight bed time.

Take a happy, but sleepy, Ayla into her room, turn the lights off and what do you get?

Rebellion! Ayla cries and wriggles and kicks and squirms; at four and a half months old she already knows what bedtime means and she knows she doesn’t want it!

And there’s one more thing… The TV.

I was out at a friends place tonight so Hubby was on Baby Duty.

Ayla was doing her newly discovered “don’t take me into the dark room routine” so Hubby had her in the lounge.

Every time he turned Ayla away from the TV she’d crack it. Spin her towards it again and she’d be happy.

Like a big kid! At four months!?!? Who on Earth suggested having an Aires baby?! 😉