Blessing in disguise


Monday, 20 January 2014: Forty Two Weeks Old.

Ayla and I had a long list of errands planned for today but due to a mixup with car keys we found ourselves stranded at home during yet another rainy day.

But, what could have turned out to be a disaster was really an angel in disguise because being “stranded” meant Ayla had all day to hang out, have fun and love it up.

Being able to spend all day together, with no interruptions or appointments, I realised that despite my commitment to enjoy the moment and savour the little things, I’ve let life run away with me again.

Since early December I’ve given priority to things that don’t matter; issues from the past, other peoples journeys, my long term goals and stressing about irrelevant and insignificant things.

It’s meant that the days have started to flow into each other – each one looking very similar to the one before it – not due to the actual events happening but due to the silly things I’ve been focusing on.

So today was a day to regroup, to realign my priorities, to make it up to my little girl, and to re-ground myself in the now.

I realised that life is just far too short. At any moment my world could be turned completely upside down and while I like to think it’d never happen to me, why not live it like it could?


Back to reality


Monday, 15 July 2013: Fifteen Weeks Old

It was back to reality for our little family today.

After three weeks of holidays Ayla and I went to the gym, did the grocery shopping, caught up on house work and made some business calls, while Hubby went back to work.

As boring as all that sounds it was really nice to have some quality one on one time with my Baby Ayla after so long.

Although I knew it already, Ayla really has grown so much!

I noticed that she’s nearly too big for the baby capsule on the shopping trolley, and her little feet poke out the bottom of her pink zip-up cocoon!

They say time flies when you’re having fun, and it definitely does.

But a friend of mine blogged about “being present” today, which was a resounding and timely reminder for me to enjoy the now and appreciate the little things.

Like grocery shopping with my daughter 🙂