Monday, 24 March 2014: Fifty One Weeks Old

Ayla is all better again thank goodness; although she’s still got no appetite for solids, Ayla has able to keep down full feeds of milk and plenty of water all day.

Hubby is tonnes happier than he has been these past few days as well, and he was finally keen to get out and about and do some exploring, but there was just one problem….

Today it is me who is sick.

I now have so much more sympathy for what Hubby and Ayla have been through and I hope to goodness this horrid bug doesn’t down me for days.

I feel terrible for letting the team down. Today, one of our last days on holiday, and all I wanted to do was sleep.

After literally hours in bed while Hubby sat by the pool with Ayla I was finally able to manage a trip down to the beach for a swim, and of course another rest.

Tomorrow is our last full day of holidays and I hate the idea that all three of us have spent more than half the trip sick!

I’m just glad that it’s not our first time to Thailand, and that all we really wanted to do here was relax, rest and recuperate, which I guess we’re still on track for achieving!

I was also grateful for Ayla today, who managed to put a smile on my face when she started putting on my clothes!

It was the first time Ayla’s ever tried dressing up and when I found her on the bed with my bikini top correctly around her neck and the bottoms in her hand I couldn’t help but laugh – my little girl’s growing up!


Water baby


Saturday, 13 July 2013: One Hundred and Three Days Old.

Ayla’s turning out to be a water baby (which is a far cry from what she was like when she was only a few weeks old).

We took her swimming twice today, in the hot springs near where we’re staying and she loves it!

She even loved her adorable little bikinis that a friend gave us. Who would have thought that it’s the “depths of winter” where we are!

Ayla loved being in the water. She was so happy floating around in our arms, talking to all the holiday makes and licking the little droplets of water off her face.

There were so many opportunities for great photos but our camera died! Will try again tomorrow 🙂