Tuesday, 4 February 2014: Three Hundred and Nine Days Old.

Ayla had plenty of opportunity to catch up with her Uncle Mannan today and it was great watching their friendship grow.

I love seeing my brother grow more and more confident with Ayla every time he meets her.

Like me he’d had nothing much to do with babies until Ayla came along, so naturally he feels awkward and a bit out his depth when she’s around.

But what my brother lacks in confidence he seems to make up for in devotion and I often catch him staring at Ayla or talking to her quietly when he thinks no ones looking.

I also love seeing my brother step outside his comfort zone in order to do “Uncle–y” things for Ayla, like battle with the car seat buckle until it clicks or hand her a toy that she’s forgotten about.

But most of all I like seeing how much Ayla seems to love her uncle, it’s as if she understands he’s more than just a friend and that he’ll have her back no matter what.


The bond


Monday, 16 December 2013: Thirty Seven Weeks Old.

Over the past two days I’ve watched as the bond between Ayla and Hubby has grown stronger before my very eyes.

Ayla’s always loved her Daddy, but until now her devotion has only really surfaced in the morning when he gets her up for the day, and in the evenings when he comes home from work.

But over yesterday and today Ayla has started to seek him out for cuddles and playtime, comfort and closeness.

I think it’s because Ayla’s at the age now where she wants fun and entertainment, not just food and care, and who better to give her that than her Daddy.

They’ve read stories, watched the cricket, shared meals together and collected eggs from the chooks. Hubby’s rocked Ayla when she’s been tired, and Ayla’s reached for Hubby with both hands outstretched.

It’s come at a perfect time too. I’ve not been feeling well so to be able to lie in bed listening to the noises of Hubby and Ayla playing happily down the hall has been bliss.


My face


Saturday, 15 September 2013: One Hundred and Sixty Seven Days Old.

My face has become Ayla’s new favourite play thing.

I love it. She reaches up and grabs my nose, puts her fingers in my mouth when I talk and she tries to touch my eyes when they blink.

Sometimes if I’m holding her but looking away, she reaches over to pull my face toward her.

Ayla looks at me with so much wonder and awe it makes my heart feel like its about to burst.

She loves me so much, and when she’s gently touching my face with her tiny chubby hands, I feel a love for her like I never have before.