Tuesday, 17 June 2014: One Year and Seventy Eight Days Old.

Oh my goodness I FORGOT Ayla today!

Although I’d been caught up late at work I still had to ring our designer to confirm a few things.

So, I made the call on my mobile on the way home and completely forgot to turn off toward Ayla’s day care.

It wasn’t until after the call had wrapped up and I was only a minute or so from home that I realised!

I think part of the reason I forgot was because in the back of my mind I knew Hubby was home earlier than usual, even though we’d discussed Ayla’s pick up just an hour earlier.

Anyway, I raced through the back streets and pulled up at day care, feeling guilty and a little but ashamed.

I felt guilty because I know most parents probably forget their kid at some point but I didn’t think it would happen to me so soon!

And I was ashamed because I let work take over my brain to the point I forgot to pick up my darling Baby Ayla.

It could have been worse I guess, I arrived before 5pm and Ayla was really none the wiser… If anything she was happier than usual to see me!


Busy little bee


Monday, 18 November 2013: Thirty Three Weeks Old.

Ayla is such a busy little bee!

She’s into everything, loves making mess and just has to be involved in everything I’m doing.

I put her on her play mat today and instead of lying peacefully on her back Ayla was rolling over, squirming and wiggling around until she was well and truely on the tiles.

She also made a fine mess of the fruit I gave her for lunch. Ayla had bits of banana and strawberry everywhere – from head to toe – and she loved every second of the meal; splashing and banging and throwing things around like crazy.

Even when I’m breast feeding Ayla doesn’t really stay still…. She’s either kicking or waving her hand or playing with the skin on my neck until she’s finished, or asleep.

I can already see Ayla getting frustrated by her lack of mobility (she doesn’t like staying in the one spot too long) and I know it’s probably only weeks before she’s up and about. Look out!