New Years Eve


Tuesday, 31 December 2013: Two Hundred and Seventy Four Days Old.

I love New Years Eve, and I’m pretty sure Ayla does too.

I love the sentimentality of closure; reflecting on the year gone by and speculating on the future.

I also like staying up til midnight, just for fun, and knowing that when the clock strikes 12 a whole new chapter of life has opened.

But Ayla loves the fireworks!!

We had two sessions, one just after sunset for the kids and one on midnight for the adults, but little Baby Ayla got to see both!!

During the early session Ayla screeched, and shrieked and oo’d and ah’d as each cracker lit up the sky, echoing off the country around us.

She wore herself out, little chicken, and passed out on her Aunty’s bed.

But as if she knew there was more fun to come, at 11.30pm Ayla woke up all full of beans and ready to party!

Ayla couldn’t have known what we were all going on about when midnight came, but she definitely knew it was something special.

I asked her to wish for a wonderful year ahead complete with challenges that make her stronger, lessons that make her wiser and a heap of awesome adventures.

I hope she did 🙂


Six months old


Tuesday, 1 October 2013: Six Months Old.

Ayla is SIX MONTHS OLD today!

It’s hard to believe that half a year ago Ayla came into the world and made us the bright, tight knit and focused little family we are today.

Six months has gone so fast! But it’s strange because at the same time I can hardly remember what life was like before Ayla.

Ayla’s taught me so much about the world, life, relationships, and myself and I’m undoubtedly a better, stronger and wiser person than I was six months ago.

I’ve heard people describe motherhood as being “the best job in the world”, and while its still early days yet I do know that the past six months have been the most special time of my life.

I’ve watched Ayla, the human being who Hubby and I created, grow from being a tiny, burry eyed, wrinkly little newborn with a squawky cry into a happy, friendly little girl with oodles of personality and individuality.

I love you Ayla Rose xx