Live wire


Monday, 30 September 2013: Twenty Six Weeks Old.

My Grandma said she thinks Ayla is going to be “a real live wire”, and I reckon she’s right on the money.

Ayla is into EVERYTHING. Any thing she can grab, kick, lick, lean into or reach for is in danger.

If Ayla’s not part of a conversation, she gets herself into it quick smart by squealing, screeching or “talking” her way to the centre of attention.

If Ayla’s been in the one spot, one room or on the one activity for too long she starts grizzling and squirming and complaining until I move her somewhere new (preferably outside).

Ayla doesn’t like lying down or being on the floor because she can see so much more from up high.

And Ayla doesn’t like going to bed if she thinks she’s missing out on any form of excitement.

We’re going to have our work cut out for us, Hubby and I, but I guess with us as her parents we couldn’t expect anything less!