German pretzel


Saturday, 5 October 2013; One Hundred and Eighty Five Days Old.

We discovered a new, great teething device for Baby Ayla tonight…. A German pretzel.

We were at an Oktoberfest event with a couple of friends and as part of the deal we got to try a range of German foods and beers.

Now that Baby Ayla loves all things digestible she was understandably keen to try the strange new flavours we had on our plates.

But the only food item we decided was “baby safe” enough to let her try was the pretzel, which was really just bread shaped like a pretzel.

Well, Ayla chewed on that pretzel for nearly an hour!

By the end of it, Ayla had bits of German bread pretzel all over her face, clothes and pram but it was worth it to see her little face suck and chew on that pretzel like her life depended on it.

For the past week I’ve been offering Ayla rusk sticks to help with her teething but she’s not been interested at all… One lick and the rusk hits the floor.

But pretzels on the other hand? I think we have a winner. Yah?

PS- here’s a pic of Ayla’s outfit today (we’re doing a weekly photo challenge)… It’s one of my favourites and too cute not to share!





Sunday, 4 August 2013; One Hundred and Twenty-Five Days Old.

There were two highlights of today; the first was seeing how amazed Ayla was with waves, and the second was hanging out in the back seat of the car with her on the way home.

When we got up this morning the boys had already taken the boat and gone fishing so Ayla and I snuck out for a walk along the beach.

Despite the morning sun a strong wind made it almost cold and I held Ayla close to keep her warm and stop her from getting the hiccups by sucking in air.

When we got to the shoreline Ayla saw waves for the first time! Not surf, but gentle waves lapping at the sand.

Her eyes locked and she was mesmerised, trying to work out what the foamy white line was and where it went.

Then on the way home, we girls crammed in the back of our dual cab and I sat beside Ayla in her car seat.

For most of the trip Ayla just stared and smiled at me, thinking it was pretty cool she wasn’t stuck back there by herself for once.

Eventually though she started to get tired and began to “talk” before grabbing my hand and jamming my finger in her mouth.

Ayla then proceeded to chew on my index finger with all of her might for nearly twenty minutes until we were both covered in drool.

The things we do for our kids huh?! 🙂