Logical reasoning


Monday, 3 February 2014: Forty Four Weeks Old.

It’s been about six months since Ayla was last baby sat, but tonight we gave it another go.

Six months ago, Ayla would take a bottle.
Six months ago, Ayla would go to sleep when she was tired.
Six months ago, Ayla wouldn’t have realised I was gone.
Six months ago, Ayla didn’t crawl, or demand or need to be entertained.

So needless to say I was a little anxious!

The sitter was my mums friend and flat mate who’s raised two kids of her own and been a favourite Aunty to many, and although I wasn’t worried about her skill set I couldn’t help wondering if my baby would be different.

But reminding myself of logic and sensibility I said goodbye and drove just ten minutes up the road with my mum to watch a movie.

I’m happy to say I probably only thought about Ayla every 20 minutes or so, but considering it’s been six months since we were apart for longer than that it didn’t surprise me in the least.

After the move Mum and I returned to find Baby Ayla and her sitter playing quietly on the lounge room rug and as soon as Ayla saw me she crawled as fast as she could into my lap and covered my face in kisses slobber.

So I discovered that the coming home part is wonderful.

The experience was good practice I guess; it gave me a new insight into what it’s going to be like when I have to leave Ayla at day care and it’s shown me that the difficulty of being separated from her will be quickly forgotten at home time.

But let me tell you, it’s going to take every ounce of logical reasoning I have.




Friday, 16 August 201: One Hundred and Thirty Six Days Old.

Baby Ayla had her first trip to the cinema today, to watch “Now You See Me”…. She slept through the whole thing.

It’s Hubby’s week off and while our car was getting new tyres we thought we’d sneak in a quick flick, something we haven’t done together for a loooong time.

It just so happened that the session we wanted to go to was also a “mums and bubs” session, which meant the aisles were filled with prams, toddlers eyed off the area between Row 1 and the screen, and new mums hushed their babies in the darkness.

But, I was quite surprised at a couple of things;

a) How quiet and well behaved the kids were, to the point where I hardly noticed I was in a room full of babies for two hours

b) How unfussed Ayla was by the loud volume and flashing pictures coming from the biggest TV she’s ever seen

I didn’t actually expect Ayla to be upset by the movie, but I also didn’t expect her to sleep through the whole thing! I’ll definitely take her again soon.