Any day now


Wednesday, 14 May 2014: One Year and Forty Four Days Old.

Ayla is sooo close to walking, she’ll become a toddler any day now.

If I’ve said that before, I know, but I was wrong then because now I see how close to walking Ayla really is.

Just in the last few days Ayla has learned to stand up by herself unassisted, and to me she looks really quite stable and solid.

Ayla’s also started walking while we hold her hand; only one hand instead of two!

And, Ayla can now pick something up off the floor and stand holding it and playing with it without a single wobble.

Although Ayla isn’t quite walking yet, she’s definitely started climbing and this morning I caught her on the tray of her high chair! (Hence why she are the rest of her breakfast on the floor as shown in this photo).

Apparently the average age for walking nowadays is 14months (even though I walked at 9 months nearly 30 years ago) so the sooner Ayla starts toddling about the happier I’ll be… I think!


Face plant


Friday, 29 November 2013: Two Hundred and Forty Two Days Old.

Ayla face planted out of her bath and onto the concrete this afternoon.

Ayla’s big enough to sit up in the baby bath and play safely, but sometimes her toys float just out of reach.

Usually Ayla just leans forward and splashes her arms about until the toy comes closer, but today she decided to try using her legs as well!

I couldn’t believe it, the once innocent forward-lean technique had suddenly become a spectacular feat of aerial gymnastics, and in the blink of an eye Ayla was out of the bath and on the concrete with her two chubby legs flailing in the air.

When I picked her up Ayla’s face was red and skewed as if she was crying but no sound was coming out of her mouth.

I noticed the red mark on Ayla’s head at the very same time her voice came back in a terrible scream, and I knew the face plant hurt as much as it looked like it did.

After a big cuddle I dusted Ayla off and popped her back in the bath (gotta get back on the horse they say!) where she carried on like nothing had happened.

Ayla is SO close to becoming mobile; it’s terrifying!

There’s going to be countless more face plants, stacks and croppers to come.

There will be bumps, bruises and blood, band-aids and packets of frozen peas, and every time my heart will break and the guilts will come but then, well I guess it’s all part of being a kid.

Welcome to the kids club Baby Ayla 😉