Speed racer


Tuesday, 14 January 2014: Two Hundred and Eighty Nine Days Old.

Ayla slept for five hours last night, the first time she’s slept that long in months!

I’m putting it down to two things;

1) Ayla’s second tooth is now properly through and the third one is giving us a little time to regroup before making its presence known
2) Ayla spent over an hour running around the house in her walker just before bed time

Ayla’s now so proficient in her walker that it keeps her occupied for ages, and I love nothing more than kicking back on the couch at the end of the day watching my little baby girl walk run around the house.

She’s like a speed racer!

Ayla will make her way into the kitchen and play with her reflection in the oven, then she’ll run over to the front door to talk to The Dog through the fly screen.

When that gets old or The Dog walks off, Ayla will fly by the lounge for a quick mummy kiss, then scoot off down the hall in the hope that our bedroom door might not be shut properly.

Then Ayla will see Cat Cat and really start to focus, spending the next 30 mins chasing the poor cat around the place until Ayla suddenly discovers the bag of recycling rubbish in the kitchen, or something similar.

In all her adventures Ayla has become very adept at steering the walker; she now knows how to reverse to get around obstacles, and Ayla can turn the bulky walker on a dime if need be.

Ayla can also stay on a straight path when traveling long distances at high speeds, which cracks me up the most because she gets her “game face” on and starts running, eyes glued to her target and little feet going so fast it’s as if they’re hardly touching the ground.


Furniture crab


Monday, 13 January 2014: Forty One Weeks Old.

Ayla has been feverently practicing her walking skills by pretending to be a Furniture Crab.

And by “Furniture Crab” I mean Ayla’s been holding onto the edge of the couch and shuffling her way along it… Like an upright, two-legged crab.

We have an “L” shaped couch at our place with a big ottoman that fits perfectly in the angle to create a great gauntlet style pathway for Ayla to walk along.

Not only is the gauntlet good for Ayla to practice as it gives her two edges to hold on to, it’s great for me because I don’t have to worry so much about her falling and hitting her head on the tiles.

Although Ayla’s still trying to coordinate moving her arms and legs at the same time, she’s at the stage now where she can change direction and swap from having both hands on the couch to having both hands the ottoman.

Ayla does make her way along the couch though, albeit slowly, but the distance she travels is mostly due to her edging closer and closer to things within grabbing distance, and once she’s thoroughly inspected, chewed and generally destroyed one thing she moves onto the next.