Baby on the hip


Wednesday, 31 July; One Hundred and Twenty Days Old .

Ayla’s strong enough to be carried as a “baby on the hip” now, and I love it!

She’s like a little koala, clinging to her mummy as we walk around the house our wander around outside.

Ayla loves being on my hip too, I think. She seems to get the best of both worlds; the closeness of a mummy cuddle, and the independence of height and visibility!

Most times, Ayla’s little hand wraps itself in my clothes and she hangs on tight while her knees dig in to my sides like a jockey.

I think it’s just the cutest thing and it makes me so proud 🙂


Frozen Moment

Its 5.40pm and Ayla is asleep.

She’s lying across my body, legs wedged between my hips and the couch, her head nestled between my arm and my chest.

She’s wearing a white beanie with tiny pink polka dots, magenta leggings with a skirt attached, a white long-sleeved top with flowers on the front, striped pink butterfly socks on her feet and baby-pink knitted socks on her hands.

She’s been like this for nearly three, beautiful hours.

But, Ayla’s going to wake up soon… I can see her eyes fluttering and she’s starting to squirm.

And when she does it will be back to reality; bath-time, pyjamas, dinner and bed, but I feel blessed to have shared this special time with my baby.



Monday, 22 April 2013: Three Weeks Old.

As we get closer to having an established routine, I’m finding more and more time to have cuddles with Ayla.

Our cuddles are so important; they let her know I’m her mummy and I love her very much and they remind me of how innocent and vulnerable she is in this world.