Such a good day


Friday, 9 May 2014: One Year and Thirty Eight Days Old.

I had such a good day today that I don’t know where to start!

Ayla ate all her breakfast and was the happiest she’s been yet when it came to being dropped off at day care.

I had a great day at work; made some good connections, built rapport, got positive feedback and crossed a few things off my to-do list.

I had a lovely afternoon chai latte with my friend for her birthday and we chatted about everything from family to travel.

Then, when I picked Ayla up from day care this arvo they told me she’d been saying Dadda all day today and pointing at any 4WD that drove past. It melted my heart to know Ayla just loves her Daddy so much that she spends her day wishing he would turn up and surprise her.

And, maybe best of all, in Ayla’s daycare bag there was not one but TWO hand made Mother’s Day presents for me that Ayla had obviously contributed to; her handprints were on both the wooden wind charm and the decorated paper plate, and I’m assuming that the tea bag stapled to the plate was because Ayla must have had a thing for tea bags that day… Or she just knows I love a good cuppa!

THENNNN, this evening we headed to the shopping centre with our traveling friend from England, Jade, and Ayla got her first taste of frozen yoghurt.

I’m still not sure if Ayla’s scrunched up sour-looking face was due to brain freeze or flavour issues, but Ayla kept coming back for more of that yoghurt until it was up to her elbows and all over her face.

To top things off though, and seal the deal and a truly great day, Ayla showed us all she knows how to twerk tonight; busting out some awesome dance moves as soon as we put on the radio. Video to follow (PS – the video is so cute you might “squeeeeeee!” the house down.)




Saturday, 3 May 2014: One Year, One Month and Four Days Old.

Ayla started dancing today, and she’s pretty darn good!

I was in the kitchen this morning when one of the toys Ayla was playing with started singing a tune.

Without even thinking about it Ayla started dropping her right shoulder in time with the beat and wiggling side to side on her bottom in what looked a lot like a shimmy!

I cheered and started dancing with her; Ayla was just too adorable to let her bust a grove solo!

A few minutes later when Ayla was in her high chair having breakfast she started dancing again, this time at the “wiggle as you eat your weetbix” song I made up.

For the rest of the day Ayla kept on feeling the beat, and every time I caught her having a sneaky boogie I couldn’t help but stop and marvel at her awesome cuteness.