Copy cat fail


Tuesday, 29 April 2014: One Year and Four Weeks Old.

Ayla has reached that “copy cat” stage; everything I do she wants to copy!

If I’m drinking out of a cup, Ayla wants to drink out of a cup.

If I’m folding washing, Ayla wants to fold washing.

If I’ve taken the lid off something, Ayla wants to put it back on.

If I make a noise, Ayla makes the same noise only seconds later.

This afternoon Ayla even extended her copy catting to include The Dog!

We were outside waiting for Hubby to get home and I watched as Ayla saw The Dog sniff and eat something off the ground (as dogs do).

No sooner had The Dog walked off Ayla crawled over to nearly the same spot, opened her mouth and put her head down to eat a solitary dead, dried up leaf… Who needs hands anyway?!

The result was hilarious. Ayla lifted her head and looked at me with bewilderment in her eyes, wondering what had happened to the leaf that obviously hadn’t made it in to her mouth.

I actually laughed out loud and dived for the camera because, as Ayla stared at me with wide, confused eyes the leaf was stuck squarely on the tip of her nose!




Monday, 10 March 2014: Forty Nine Weeks Old.

Ayla says “yum!”

For the past few days I’ve suspected that’s what she’s been saying (Ayla’s “yum” sounds very similar to her “mum”) but now I’m sure of it.

Ayla’s been saying “yum” whenever she eats something she likes, such as grapes, biscuits, choc chip pancakes, yoghurt and kiwi fruit.

Ayla was munching away on a yoghurt sucker thing this morning when I heard her say “yum”; the word was so distinct that it made me think there was a big kid in the room!

That’s been happening a lot lately. I’ll be busy doing something and then I’ll hear Ayla say something so clearly it shocks me and for a second I find myself thinking “who said that?”

Like a couple of days ago when I was changing Ayla’s nappy and I asked her if she was a good girl. Ayla clearly, distinctly and without question replied “good girl”…. I nearly fell off my branch.

Ayla has also said “hello” a few times, and she’s started saying what I think is “wow” sometimes.

As for “Cat Cat” and “dog” I’m pretty certain Ayla’s saying those words too. Well, “Cat Cat” sounds more like a high-pitched bird squeal (“Kae-Kae”) but she definitely applies it at the right moments so I’ll give it to her 😉

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Animal lover


Monday, 7 October 2013: Twenty Seven Weeks Old.

We can tell Ayla’s going to be an outdoorsy people-person who loves water sports, but it looks like she’s going to be an animal lover too.

Ayla’s shown a definite interest in The Dog and Cat Cat over the past few months, and this has now grown to include any animals in any situations.

Ayla’s interest doesn’t just stop at real-life animals either.

If there’s animals on TV, Ayla’s glued. She likes the RSPCA “All Creatures Great and Small” ad the best, but shows and documentaries will also stop her in her tracks.

I can see why animals are so amazing to Baby Ayla though… One minute they’re stuffed and she’s holding them in her tiny little hands, the next minute they’re fifty times bigger and they’re moving around themselves.

Animals make strange noises, they’re furry, or scaly, or feathery, they move differently, they act differently.

They’re and endless source of entertainment and wonder, and I love watching Ayla absorb every tiny detail she can.


Hubby’s birthday



Tuesday 27 August 2013: One Hundred and Forty Eight Days Old.

It was Hubby’s birthday today and the three of us had a wonderful day.

Ayla gave her Daddy some fishing lures so we set off in the car with the boat and The Dog to try them out.

It was a beautiful day to be out in the water and Ayla loved it. She watched intently as Hubby and I flicked lure after lure into the sea, and when she saw The Dog panting to keep cool she thought she’d give it a go too!

We didn’t catch any fish but we were grateful for the chance to try, and when we got home we had a long, cool dip in the pool.

Ayla’s been swimming in the pool a few times now, but today was the first time she actually seemed to enjoy it!

It was because she’s finally worked out how to splash, and she kept at it for ages until both she and Hubby had big droplets of water running down their faces (video to be posted soon!)

We ended the day with a birthday cake, of course, one that I made a decorated myself, and Ayla helped her Daddy blow out the candles.

Ayla and I are so lucky to have such a special man in our lives… Happy Birthday Daddy!!! xxxx





Monday, 26 August 2013: Twenty One Weeks Old

Ayla’s started to take an interest in our pets.

Whether she’s happy or sad, as soon as The Dog or Cat Cat come close Ayla goes quiet and freezes.

It’s cute to see her watching them; she must be trying to workout what on earth these strange furry creatures are.

It helps that both animals seem to have taken a liking to Ayla too.

Whenever I take Ayla outside The Dog gives her big slobbering kisses (he’s 45kg so his tongue is as big as her head).

And even Cat Cat slinks up to Ayla looking for a scratch nowadays, but I bet that will only last til Ayla starts pulling her fur!


Ultimate protector


Monday 22 July 2013: Sixteen Weeks Old.

It seems that Ayla’s best friend and ultimate protector is none other than Houdini (aka The Dog).

Houdini, a 45kg Boxer / Presa Canario cross, is our original “baby” and he’s been a huge part of our family for the last five years.

Houdini was made to love and protect but still, as responsible new parents, Hubby and I have carefully and watchfully introduced Ayla to Houdini over the past few months.

Then today I took Ayla outside in her bouncer and placed her on the lawn.

Houdini came hurtling around the side of the house, full of beans and boisterous energy and I worried he would knock her over!

But as soon as he saw Ayla, Houdini instantly calmed.

Without a word or signal from me, he went straight to my baby girl, gave each of her feet and one of her cheeks a quick lick and then lay down beside her.

Even where Houdini chose to lie highlighted his understanding that this soft, sweet smelling, tiny human was part of his pack; he had put himself firmly between Ayla and the front gate.

While I know this behaviour doesn’t mean the two can be left alone just yet, it certainly shows there’s a friendship like no other in the making.


Ayla, a Pram and a 45kg Dog

Monday, 6 May 2013: Five Weeks Old.

I upgraded myself to “legendary” today, after I managed to fit myself, Ayla, a pram and our 45kg Dog into my tiny Hyundai.

It’s amazing the ingenuity you can find when the dreaded “motherhood cabin fever” sets in.

And it’s amazing how proficient you get at cramming the countless baby-related items you need to take with you into deceptively small spaces… like a car, or a handbag.

The brain strain was worth it though; it meant the three of us got a couple of hours out of the house, enjoying the cool sea air and gorgeous views by the foreshore.