Sunday, 2 February 2014: Three Hundred and Eight Days Old.

Ayla and I headed to Byron Bay with her Grandad today where we meandered our way along aisles and aisles of creatively crafty market stalls.

I have never been very interested in shopping, let alone actually buying things, but today I found myself tempted by so many gorgeous baby girl things that I hardly knew myself!

Crafty people seem to know the “mothers of daughters” target market too well and I assume it’s strategy that has them putting the cutest little dresses, the prettiest flower garlands and pinkest miniature sunhats on display at the front of their stalls.

I can only imagine how much harder it,s going to be to say “no” when Ayla can walk and talk and beg me into buying her things she certainly doesn’t need but both of us desperately want!

But I was proud of my resistance today and after returning to the car with just two tops and a dress I was pleased to know that those few items will surely be the source of many an “awwwww” when we go home.


Pretty Dresses

Saturday, 20 April 2013: Nineteen Days Old.

Today was the first day I got to put Ayla in one of the many pretty dresses she’s been given over the past few weeks.

The occasion? Pixie Photos!

She was so cute – dressed in white and purple frills, tucked up in a luscious sheepskin blanket and placed in adorable positions – it’s going to be hard to chose just one photo!

I was never into dolls as a kid. But now, brushing hair, choosing clothes and deciding between hair bands for my beautiful baby daughter, I know there’s no place I’d rather be… I love my little living doll.