Sunday, 20 April 2014: One Year, Two Weeks and Five Days Old.

In the weeks leading up to today, Easter Sunday, Hubby and I have spent many a moment contemplating what traditions we’d like to set for our little family and for Ayla.

Of course the Easter bunny brought chocolate eggs on Sunday morning, but what else does Easter mean to us? And what do we want it to mean for Ayla?

As neither Hubby nor I come from religious families going to church wasn’t high on our suggestion list, but we both still think its important for Ayla to know what Easter is all about.

And of course, a four day weekend presents countless opportunities for traditions to be made and carried out, hence all the camping magazines in the mail lately.

But despite all the thinking and discussion by the time today rolled around Hubby and I still hadn’t decided on what “the Easter weekend” was going to mean for our family.

Nevertheless, as our unplanned Easter Sunday took shape I began to realise that we don’t need “tradition” to make Easter meaningful.

Instead Easter gives us the chance to be together as a family, for four whole days, doing whatever makes us happy and fulfils us.

Today, that meant having an early swim at the Waterfront, a coffee and cake for lunch, an afternoon nap and evening drinks at a neighbours house.

But next year it might mean spending four days in the middle of nowhere in a tent, or tucked up on the couch enjoying a movie marathon, or singing made-up songs in the boat as we bob in the ocean waiting for a bite.

So long as we are together, healthy, happy and enjoying quality time together as a family… That’s what will be Easter for us.


Easter basket


Thursday, 17 April 2014: One Year, Two Weeks and Two Days Old.

Ayla came home from day care today with her first ever hand-made Easter basket!!

It looks like a paper template the kids painted themselves and then the day care mums must have stapled them together to make the baskets.

The front is shaped like a bunny’s face and the back even had a cotton ball tail (except it didn’t take long for Ayla to rip hers off).

Seeing Ayla with her first official “school” art was exactly what I needed this afternoon, after spending the whole day in bed.

Thankfully Hubby started R&R today which meant he was around to take Ayla to day care this morning and pick her up this afternoon.

While I was a little upset at first that I wasn’t there to pick Ayla up on such a momentous day, seeing her get out of the car at home with her Easter basket was so cute!

Ayla seemed to know her little Easter basket was special because she clung on to it for ages after she got home.

Hubby and I eventually gave in and let Ayla have one of the Easter eggs that had come in the basket (the only one left after Hubby had raided it!)

It was Ayla’s first ever Easter egg and she loved it, of course!

PS – Ayla’s fifth tooth cut through today. It’s her top left incisor (fang). Maybe that’s why her sleeping’s been unsettled lately.