Getting ridiculous


Friday, 7 February 2014: Three Hundred and Twelve Days Old.

Ayla’s non-stop energy is getting ridiculous!

Despite another sleepless night of near two hourly wakes up, Ayla hit the ground running this morning… Well, she was crawling, but at super human speeds!

Ayla’s attention span seems to be reducing at the same rate her energy is increasing so it’s like watching a bee discover a flower bed for the first time.

Ayla buzzes from one activity to the next and follows me from room to room and today she worked out how to climb stairs!

Ayla’s been eyeing off the stairs at her Grandma’s since we’ve been here but today it was like she decided she was sick of thinking about it and off she went… One step at a time up the platform.

I know it’s just a taste of things to come and I wonder how I’m going to cope; all my respect and appreciation goes out to those with twins!




Thursday, 23 January 2014: Two Hundred and Ninety Seven Days Old.

Along with Ayla’s new found freedom has come a seemingly endless ball of energy.

In all of today Ayla has napped for less than an hour (instead of her usual four) but surprisingly she still isn’t showing signs of tiredness despite it being nearly 5.30pm.

It’s ironic because just this morning I took Ayla to the community health care nurse to discuss possible reasons for her being so tired and needing a nap after every few hours of awake time.

The nurse looked at me like I was crazy and explained that Ayla is far too spritely and active for there to be anything to worry about. I felt like trying to explain about the dark-ringed eyes, the yawning and the passing out in awkward positions but decided against it and chose to cop the “crazy lady” looks on the chin.

And now I realise that all the extra sleep Ayla was needing must have been to rest her brain after all it’s growing!

I can’t express how much Ayla seems to have developed in the last couple of days; it’s like she’s become a big kid overnight.

She’s communicating on a whole new level – talking almost – and she’s now comfortably 50/50 on solids and breast milk 😦

Ayla can sit up from lying down, her crawling has improved tenfold since yesterday and she’s way more interested and involved in things like books and songs.

It turns out Ayla’s little body has been busy growing too!

According to the nurse Ayla’s now almost in the 50th percentile for height and weight, even though she’s been the 25th percentile or lower since she was born.

Ayla’s stats at a little over 9.5 months are;

W 8.18kg / 1.2 stone)
H 70cm
H/C 45c,


Energy to burn

Tuesday, 17 December, 2013: Two Hundred and Sixty Days Old.

Ayla has so much energy to burn!

From the minute she gets up for the day, or after she wakes up from a nap, Ayla starts chatting, climbing, commando rolling and, quite frankly, being kinda crazy!

If I’m not laughing at her outrageous antics and funny facial expressions, I find myself marvelling at how quickly Ayla is learning new things; she really is a sponge!

Ayla is now pretty confident with the whole standing thing, and she’s darn close to perfecting her “pulling up” technique, so she wants to practice ALL the time.

This means that I now find myself moving Ayla around the house all day so she can climb up and stand next to new and interesting obstacles, like the couch, her play gym (which is now “sooo-last-month“), the dining chairs and the foot of our bed.

Commando rolling is also now one of Ayla’s favourite tricks, so anything within a one metre radius of her is in danger. This includes the floor so our days of sitting her calmly on the couch are long gone.

With all her curiosity and energy, I can tell Ayla just wants to get up and run. I think it frustrates her sometimes because when she’s been in the once place for too long she starts screeching and kicking and pounding her belly with both hands… hard.

These “oh-my-God-I’m-so-excited” outburst are hilarious, but also kinda scary. Ayla is going to be one full on, fun, ambitious and awesome little kid in a month or so… look out!




Thursday, 12 December 2013; Two Hundred and Fifty Five Days Old.

I couldn’t sleep last night, I was tossing and turning and feeling anxious, but I had an overwhelming need to be close to Ayla.

So after a while I left an exhausted Hubby to sleep in peace while I snuck down the hall to Ayla’s room.

Ayla grounds me. She is my reminder of the bigger picture but at the same time she reminds me of the little things that matter.

As I sat in the glow of the nightlight and watched my baby sleep, I could actually feel my energy slowly shift from my head to my heart.

Ayla is one powerful little being, that’s for sure, and I don’t know how I’ll ever be able to thank her for coming into my world.

Not only has Ayla grounded me, she’s helped me heal and grow and become a better person in ways I never thought I could.

But I’m conscious that if Ayla can have such a massive impact on my moods and mind, then surely it works in the reverse too?

And if that’s the case, like I believe it is, then I have to try my best to be strong, and calm, and true whenever I’m with her because that’s what the very least she deserves.


Energizer Bunny


Monday, 2 December 2013: Thirty Five Weeks Old.

Baby Ayla is like the Energizer Bunny; she just keeps going and going!

Her current routine is to sleep for 12 hours at night (waking up once for a feed), stay up for 1.5 – 2 hours in the morning then nap for another two.

But from then on its pretty much non-stop action until bedtime.

Sometimes I can feel in Ayla’s muscles that she just wants to get up run… She has so much energy and so much curiosity that I think she’ll be one of those kids who needs an “OFF” button.

Boredom seems to creep in quickly for Ayla and she is constantly on the go; always looking for new activities and new things to learn. It’s FULL ON.

If we’re at home and having a very average day Ayla might go down for an afternoon nap, but on days like today when Ayla’s Uncle Buck came to stay, nap time was a 30 minute rest and bedtime was late!

It was just too exciting for her, to have someone new in the house, and Ayla didn’t want to miss a second.

It’s cute and exciting and it makes me think I have a pretty smart and special kid, but I can only imagine what life will be like when Ayla CAN run… I think maybe we should start her at meditation classes now.


Kick kick!


Sunday, 6 October 2013: One Hundred and Eighty Six Days Old.

We bought Baby Ayla a swim ring and its one of the best things we’ve bought so far!

Although Ayla still prefers to float in our arms and splash water everywhere, the swim ring is teaching her to kick.

Ayla’s only been in it a couple of times bur she’s already learning to propel herself through the water by kicking.

Won’t be long before we can tie a lure to the back of it and send her out into the ocean.


Here’s a quick video of her practicing;