The best years


Sunday, 27 April 2014: One Year, Three Weeks and Five Days Old.

I realised today that one day I’ll probably look back on this time of my life and think they were the best years I’ve ever had.

When that time comes, I don’t want to find myself wishing I’d realised it “back then”, I’d much rather feel lucky for having taken the time to appreciate it while I lived it.

This whole epiphany came about this afternoon while Hubby and I were doing reno’s in the backyard and Ayla was trying her darnedest to “help” us.

As usual I was worrying about the sun, the grass, the power tools, the heat, the attention Ayla wanted and wasn’t getting, and the priority I was putting on renovating instead of Ayla.

But all of a sudden it was like I was looking through a lens and I felt so very grateful.

Although things are crazy busy, overwhelming and sometimes stressful – trying to find the balance between motherhood, career, renovating and studying isn’t easy – I’m blessed with all the things that matter.


Well done Sir!


Wednesday 11 September 2013: One Hundred and Sixty Three Days Old

Hubby has managed to get Ayla to sleep two nights in a row… Well done Sir!

It’s a big deal because Ayla’s been super clingy and unpredictably difficult when it’s come to sleep and bedtime lately and it’s been starting to get me down.

Some nights Ayla’s goes to sleep easily, other nights she fights tooth and nail. Some nights she sleeps ten hours, other nights she wakes every two hours. Some days Ayla naps for hours, other days she doesn’t nap at all.

It’s been tough phase for all three of us, and Hubby and I have found ourself questioning our methods, our capability, our reasoning.

True to form, I’ve researched as much as I can about babies and sleep in the hope of finding a solution but instead I’ve ended up more confused, frustrated and overwhelmed than when I started.

Then tonight Hubby pointed out that there’s not one other person in the world who’s the same as Ayla.

And of course, he’s right! It was like a light suddenly came on and I felt a big weight lift of my shoulders.


Lots of little things


Friday, 26 July 2013: One Hundred and Fifteen Days Old.

It was a public holiday today and although it was rather uneventful it was fulfilling and wholesome and gave me the opportunity to appreciate the little things.

And there are LOTS of little things!

The three of us have our health, we have goals and dreams, we have wonderful friends and loving families, we share adventures, we learn, we love.

It always seems to be that epiphany’s like this hit at the strangest times…

We’d been at the Show (it was the local Show Holiday) and we were making our way to the car, Ayla in the pram with me pushing.

There was an acrobatic show on and a huge crowd had gathered, but we stopped a fair distance away and watched for a moment.

It was like the performance was only for us. There was no one around and we were alone as a family, happy and smiling as the acrobat cracked corny jokes from atop a 50 foot pole.

Then it struck; we are so lucky, to be who we are, where we are, what we are. In that moment, and the next.



Friday, 21 June 2013: Eighty-One Days Old.

Today I had an epiphany; growing up isn’t a race. It’s a step by step journey that guides us towards becoming well-rounded adults.

Being a baby is special, being a toddler is special and being a kid is special too. We learn important lessons at every stage of life, and we learn them when we’re ready for them.

People often tell me to enjoy every minute of Ayla being small, but no one’s ever suggested that Ayla should be allowed to enjoy every minute of her babyhood too.

There’s no need to rush her into self-soothing, dummy taking or tummy time, and I’ll admit I might have been getting swept up by the “competition” of parenting.

But now I realise that although I only want the best for Ayla, she already is 🙂