Angry face


Thursday, 2 May 2014: One Year, One Month and One Day Old.

Ayla has an “angry face” and she ain’t afraid to use it!!

I don’t think it helps that I laugh every time she makes her angry face though, but it’s just so darn cute!

The funniest thing about it is that Ayla actually uses her angry face at opportune times, for example this photo was take after I tried to feed her dinner when she was full.

Ayla’s makes her angry face by curling up her top lip, baring her teeth, jutting out her bottom jaw and narrowing her eyes.

To me it looks sort of like a growl except without the noise.

I have no idea where Ayla learned her angry face but I’m blaming Hubby.

Not because Hubby gets angry but because he’s cheeky and we all know apples don’t fall far from their trees!


My face


Saturday, 15 September 2013: One Hundred and Sixty Seven Days Old.

My face has become Ayla’s new favourite play thing.

I love it. She reaches up and grabs my nose, puts her fingers in my mouth when I talk and she tries to touch my eyes when they blink.

Sometimes if I’m holding her but looking away, she reaches over to pull my face toward her.

Ayla looks at me with so much wonder and awe it makes my heart feel like its about to burst.

She loves me so much, and when she’s gently touching my face with her tiny chubby hands, I feel a love for her like I never have before.