It’s happening!


Wednesday, 18 December; Two Hundred and Sixty Days Old.

It’s happening!! It’s actually happening.

Ayla has a tooth.

Well, almost.

After about a week of seeing two little whitish bumps at the front of Ayla’s bottom gum, today there is a tiny glimmer of white bone peeking through!

Apparently it can’t yet be called “her first tooth” because it could still retreat back into the safety of Ayla’s jaw to await a later date.

I hope it doesn’t though!

As much as I’m anxious about seeing Ayla grow into a little kid while I watch, I would hate to think that little blade-like sucker will cut through her precious skin again.

Ayla hasn’t really put up much complaint about the cutting though; apart from four hourly wake ups at night and bit of extra irritability at bed time, Ayla’s been her usual happy self.

And, with nineteen more teethies to follow…. Thank goodness!d


“Sad Ayla”


Wednesday, 13 November 2013: Two Hundred and Twenty Six Days Old.

Baby Ayla has been all out of sorts today.

I can’t work out if it’s teething, a lack of routine or if she’s just missing her Daddy, but the poor poppet has definitely been grizzly.

I’m so lucky that Ayla’s “grizzly” is what it is though; I tried explaining to a shop assistant today when Ayla didn’t smile back at her but the lady just thought I was joking!

“Sad Ayla” simply means Ayla is happy for less time ie; she gets bored quicker, hungry quicker, is less patient during nappy changes and other things like that.

But without Hubby here I was feeling pretty frazzled by the end of the day today. I felt as if my upper back had seized up from carrying Ayla around and giving her lots of cuddles, and I swear I still had Ayla’s voice ringing in my ears when I came to bed.

But on the upside, Ayla did fall asleep a bit earlier tonight so I actually found time to relax (on my holiday!) and watch a movie.

Here’s to a good nights sleep! 😉