Social Saturday


Saturday, 14 June 2014; One Year and Seventy Four Days Old

Ayla and I had a very social Saturday today and it was great!

We kick started the morning with a walk to the park when we met a friend who I haven’t seen since my baby shower!

My friend had her 23 month old twin boys with her and the kids all played happily in the sand and on the playground while we girls had a long overdue catch up.

After nipping home to give Ayla a nap, we were on the road again within 1.5hrs this time to one of my friends surprise birthday lunch at a seaside boating club.

It was my first experience of taking Ayla out since she officially became a toddler, and NOW I understand!

Thankfully Ayla was calm and happy to stay closeby during my meal, but the second half of the afternoon was spent following her around the club and catching her moments before she toddled out the door!

Ayla and I went back home and picked Hubby up (he’d been working all day) then went to visit a friend who hasn’t been well.

By the time we got there Ayla eyes were looking tired, but the excitement if visiting another new place was enough to keep her on her feet and toddling around.

Lastly we went to dinner at another friends place where Ayla ate a whole mandarin and played chasey with their 10kg tom-cat!

It was a busy, full on day but Ayla loved it. Despite all the overwhelming people, places and things to do Ayla was friendly and relaxed the whole day.


Hairy interesting


Friday, 7 March 2014: Three Hundred and Forty Days Old.

Ayla had a hairy interesting day today. No typo there, I mean hairy.

It started this morning at music class when Ayla made friends with a little girl who was about two years old.

The new little “friend” was standing above Ayla gently patting her soft blonde fuzz, then suddenly decided to grab two handfuls and pull – hard.

The “friend” was pulling so hard that she involuntarily started biting her bottom lip, all while my poor baby Ayla was having her hair wrenched from its roots.

Needless to say it ended in tears and although the “friend” seemed remorseful when her Daddy brought her back to apologise Ayla’s heart was broken and she wanted no bar of it.

That was hair incident number one.

Hair incident number two happened at home during Ayla’s lunch.

I was briefly distracted by my own lunch while Ayla ate hers and when I glanced back to check she was ok I caught my darling daughter rubbing food into her hair.

Ayla’s usually silky soft locks were sticking out in strange directions and I could see clumps of food flapping about in the tangle.

Of course, lunch today included peanut butter, cheese and tuna and all three of those delightful ingredients were squished into Ayla’s hair.

That was hair incident number two.

Hair incident number three (also known as hair incident 2b) was a direct result of the lunch-in-hair situation…

After giving Ayla’s hair the best wash of its life after lunch, it was the fluffiest and wildest it’s ever been.

Ayla’s ‘do was so outrageous that when we were at Bunnings this afternoon a stranger waiting beside me at the paint counter suggested I tip Ayla upside down and use her as a paintbrush!

Ayla laughed… Poor bubba, if she only knew!

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A fun filled day


Friday, 14 February 2014: Three Hundred and Nineteen Days Old.

Ayla had a fun filled day today!

It was her first official music lesson this morning and we arrived a few minutes late. As we rushed through the door all the mums and their bubs were sitting in a circle on the floor singing a welcome song so I quickly took my seat and sat Ayla down.

As soon as Ayla’s bottom hit the mat she started bobbing along to the tune, clapping her hands and looking around at everyone with a huge, excited, goofy smile on her face; I could hear the song take an unexpected pause as all the mothers in the room breathed a near-silent “awwwww” at Ayla’s cuteness.

Ayla was engaged and active for nearly the whole class. She loved it when the musical instruments came out, but even during the sing alongs Ayla was moving to the rhythm and trying to mimic some of the sounds.

I was surprised by just how much Ayla seemed to be picking up and tried watching some of the other children to see if they were getting in to it as much as her but the closest I could see was a three year old boy who was dancing around.

After a lunch time pit stop at home we headed out again, this time to a local play gym that we’ve never been to before even though it’s literally walking distance away!

Ayla thought all her Christmases had come at once when I put her down in the toddler area; she was the only kid there at first so she had free range of the blocks, and padded shapes and ride-on toys.

Then her new little friend, Baby Caleb, arrived and the two kids hit it off straight away, staring into each others eyes and Ayla even gave him a little slobbery, open-mouthed kiss on the cheek!

It was all very cute and was a great way to spend a Friday.