A new kind of smile


Saturday, 12 April 2014: One Year, One Week and Four Days Old.

Ayla has perfected a new kind of smile!

Until recently Ayla had only one smile, the “full-on, wide-mouthed toothy grin” that she flashed at every opportunity.

Now however Ayla has a new smile, which I refer to as her “sly” cheeky smile.

This new smile has added a whole new dimension to Ayla’s personality, and I can see I’m going to have my work cut out for me with not one, but TWO cheeky jokers in the house.

The new smile goes like this;

Ayla presses her lips together and lets them curl up ever so slightly at the edges so that sometimes it looks a little bit lopsided.

Then Ayla tilts her head down and away, glancing back with her eyes as if what I’m doing is funny but too dorky for her to smile at!

It actually makes me feel embarrassed and gets a laugh every time… How can a one year old know about sarcasm!

I almost expect Ayla to roll her eyes and say “ohhhh Muummmm!” with a subtle chuckle, but I guess there’s still plenty of time for that!


Toothy grin


Thursday, 6 April 2014: Three Hundred and Thirty Nine Days Old.

I’m in love with Ayla’s toothy grin!!

Ayla now has four front teeth – two at the top and two at the bottom – and my happy little girl never misses an opportunity to flash them.

Most people I know only show their top teeth when they smile, but when Ayla decides to show the world she’s happy all four pearly whites are on display.

It melts my heart every time! When Ayla smiles she crinkles up her nose, her eyes slim down and she bares all her shiny white teeth as if she’s proud to be a big girl.

And a big girl she is! Ayla’s teeth have given her a much older appearance, and sometimes I swear she’s almost a toddler with the way she looks… and acts!

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Head shakes


Wednesday, 15 January 2014: Two Hundred and Ninety Days Old.

We all know Ayla is a happy kid, but recently she’s been getting so happy she can hardly bear it.

Y’know how a kid will smile at someone before having a moment of shyness that causes them to look away?

Well, Ayla has been doing something similar but instead of being shy it’s almost as if Ayla’s afraid she’ll explode with happiness if she doesn’t look away.

It starts off as a grin, usually at Hubby or I after we’ve been away from her for a while, but Ayla’s grin quickly becomes a wide splitting smile.

Then it’s as if Ayla is just so overwhelmingly happy that she can’t possibly keep eye contact with us for a moment more, and instead she turns her head away on an angle just like a sky kid would.

But no sooner has she looked away Ayla peeks back at us, then looks away again, then looks back, and this goes on and on at a crazy speed until Ayla’s head is shaking so hard I worry it’s about to fall off!

Usually the head shakes are accompanied with high pitched squeals and excited kicks before Ayla finally gets a grip, but setting her off again is as easy as saying “hello”.