Thursday, 17 October 2013: Two Hundred Days Old.

Ayla’s had a nudie-bum all day today, and she’s gonna stay that way until we get this darn nappy rash under control.

The rash has been there in minor since I first blogged about it weeks ago, but this morning it flared up and spread to Ayla’s gorgeous chubby thighs.

It’s so awful to see my flawless and precious Baby Ayla tired and in pain because it hurts to wee….

So after a quick phone consult with my mum this morning it was off to the doctors for Ayla and I, hoping to find a safe, quick, cheap and effective solution.

But alas, the doctor declared the rash was indeed “very bad” and prescribed a course of creams to knock it on the head and ease Ayla’s discomfort ASAP.

As much as I tell myself that nappy rash is normal, and common, and part and parcel of living in the tropics, I still feel guilty.

There seems to be countless – literally countless – remedies, solutions and preventative measures out there to keep Ayla’s bottom as smooth as a baby’s should be and I’ve gone and selected the few that didn’t work.

I’m so sorry baby!! Mummy’s gonna make it better soon xx


Guilt Ridden

Sunday, 14 April 2013: Thirteen Days Old.

I accidentally poked Ayla in the eye with my finger yesterday, and I’ve never been more guilt ridden in all my life.

I’d been cradling her in my knees around 10am when her head flopped forward. I moved my fingers to catch her but instead I got her eye!

She didn’t cry and her eye seemed fine until about 5pm when it started to weep; I’ve been so worried since!

Everyone we’ve spoken to has said she’ll be fine, but I still have to keep reminding myself that she’s not the first baby ever to have been poked in the eye.

It’s definitely starting to look better now, but I’m still freaking out… Long night ahead methinks!