The colt


Friday, 27 December 2013: Two Hundred and Seventy Days Old

Ayla met her first horse today.

She also met a couple of cows, a cockatoo and a whole bunch of dogs, but the horse was definitely the most special.

In the yards by the homestead are two wild colts, unbroken and fresh, chosen from hundreds of brumbies on the property to become the next two human companions.

It took a long while before the biggest of the colts came close to the fence where Hubby, Ayla and I were standing, and despite being too skittish for a pat from us the colt seemed taken by Ayla.

He stretched out his neck and sniffed Ayla’s tiny hands that were wrapped tightly around the top fence rail.

Then the colt reached even further and tickled his whiskers on Ayla’s cheek.

But when the colt breathed heavily onto Ayla fine whispy hair, and rubbed his top lip against her head, Ayla’s smile beamed and she started to chuckle.

But even Ayla’s laugh didn’t deter the colts curiosity.

I thought the noise and movement might have sent him bolting across the paddock but instead he stayed and learned from Ayla, just as she was learning from him.

It was as if the colt could tell Ayla was somewhat like him; vulnerable, and fresh, and getting to know the strange new world around her.

PS: Ayla also had her first piece of steak tonight; a stir-fry sized cut of Station beef and let me tell you…. Ayla chewed down on that chunk of meat like she had a mouth full of teeth!


New favourite trick


Friday, 6 December; Two Hundred and Forty Nine Days Old.

Ayla’s definitely got the “clicking-with-her-tongue” thing sorted; its her new favourite trick!

Instead of only clicking to “giddyup” a horsey, Ayla now starts clicking her tongue any time, any place, just for fun.

Like last night on our way to Bootcamp, Ayla sat calmly in her car seat and clicked the whole way there. Then she did the same thing on the way back!

And I awoke this morning to a strange noise coming through the baby monitor…

That’s right! Ayla must have woken up, remembered the new trick, and wasted no time in getting in some extra clicking practice!

I think it’s super cute and it cracks me up every time.

Not just because it’s adorable, but because when Ayla does it she manages look so proud and cheeky at the same time!


Rocking horse


Friday, 27 September 2013: One Hundred and Seventy Nine Days Old

Ayla got her first horse today… A rocking horse, from her Aunty Let and Uncle Bill.

Aunty Let is Hubby’s mum’s sister and they’re from one of the most remote cattle stations in Australia.

So it was only fitting that Aunty Let would be carrying a rocking horse in her arms when she and Uncle Bill arrived at our house for a visit tonight.

It made me teary to see my little girl so happy on the back of a colourful wooden pony and I wondered (errr… hoped!) that Ayla will one day share my love of all things horsey.

For most of my life, horses have given me freedom, independence, confidence and unconditional love.

They’ve taught me about exploration, perseverance, patience, following my dreams and the kicks that cone from adrenaline, and its a passion I dearly hope to pass on to Baby Ayla when she’s older.