Saturday, 22 February 2014: Three Hundred and Twenty Nine Days Old.

Time has become a very valuable commodity lately.

I’ve always prided myself on my time management and organisation skills but I’ve started to notice I’m becoming less and less productive the older Ayla gets.

It’s probably a combination of trying to do too many things at once – also known as “burning the candle at both ends” – and for the first time since becoming a mum I actually feel stressed!

I know it’s a sign to slow down and drop a few of the balls I’ve been juggling but knowing this is also adding to the pressure!

With my return to work looming in the all too near future I am trying to cram as much fun, activity and Ayla-time into my day as much as possible so the hours between 7am and 9pm have recently resembled a game of chess.

The planner in me is trying my best to maximise the time I have available, and I’ve been starting each day with not just a Plan A and a Plan B, but also Plan’s C, D, E and sometimes F.

Which “Plan” get implemented is dependant on so many factors, such as nap times, the weather, paper work and unforseen admin, and I find myself swapping and changing as the day goes on.

For example, today Plan A involved focusing any spare time I had on loading rubbish and green waste into the ute… Alas, I forgot to ask Hubby if we could swap cars when he went to work at 4am.

So I swapped to Plan B, which meant getting up and ready to go out before Ayla woke up so that we could get the grocery shopping done before her morning nap… Alas, Ayla decided to wake up an hour earlier than usual which meant that by the time I’d prepared breakfast, fed her, washed her and clothed her she was almost ready to sleep again.

Then on to Plan C, which delayed grocery shopping until after Ayla’s morning nap and freed me up to get stuck into some gardening (instead of unpacking and sorting shopping, cleaning the house and doing some washing) while Ayla enjoyed her usual two hour sleep… Alas, only fifty minutes into gardening, when I was covered in dirt, dripping in sweat and no where near finished, Ayla woke up.

So, it was back to Plan B… and so on until finally its bedtime and we recharge for tomorrow.


Rockabye Daddy

Friday, 21 February 2014: Three Hundred and Twenty Eight Days Old.

For the last few nights Ayla has refused to go to sleep unless her Daddy’s put her down.

It’s been a huge change for us and one that proves Baby Ayla is growing up all to fast, but as much as its made me feel a bit obsolete it’s also brought a new feeling of freedom.

While I still give Ayla her bedtime feed instead of backing that up with rocking and singing until she falls asleep the routine is now a family affair that Hubby and I share equally.

Plus, knowing that Ayla can go to to sleep at night in her Daddy’s arms means that we’re another step closer to being able to hire a baby sitter and have a baby-free night out!

It also makes me proud to see that Baby Ayla is gaining her independence and starting to make decisions about what makes her feel happy and content, not just what she likes and doesn’t like.

Growing up certainly happens fast, far faster than anyone can explain. I never thought I’d be using the word independent to describe a ten month old baby and I can hardly believe that in a blink of an eye she won’t need me at all.


Look out Ankles!


Saturday, 4 January 2014: Two Hundred and Seventy Eight Days Old.

We put Ayla back in her new walker this morning and she was off and running.

Within about 60 seconds Ayla had found herself a TV remote, chased down a bag of recycling rubbish and tried to eat cat food (but fortunately the best she could do was run over it).

Ayla also cornered me in the kitchen where my poor ankles paid the price, and she made her way to the back door where she proceeded to ram it in an attempt to escape.

Having the walker is proving to be a good transition for Hubby and I, not just Ayla.

It’s highlighting to us, very quickly, all the things around out house that will need moved up higher if we want them to survive the next few years.

And, its demonstrating the things we’ve been doing that are no longer a good idea eg;
– don’t leave cups and plates on the ottoman/coffee table
– get a pass code for my iPhone ASAP and
– leaving a pile of clean washing in the lounge room is just asking for trouble…. Etc

It’s fun though, and exciting, and strangely I’m no longer feeling as anxious as I was about Ayla becoming mobile.

Instead, I’m looking forward to a new chapter and I can’t wait to interact with my baby girl on a whole new level… Literally.

PS: Ayla got her highest temperature ever this evening, reaching 39.4 degrees. I think its related to either her runny nose, an earache or teething but thankfully baby Panadol brought it down.