Thursday, 16 May 2013: Forty-Five Days Old.

Since having her immunisations yesterday Ayla’s been fighting her first fever, and she’s handling it like a champ.

The fever’s not bad, it’s sitting in the high 37s/low 38s, but it’s enough to make her want her mummy and daddy.

I’ve talked before about how much I love baby cuddles, and I do, but it’s tiring when you spend all day carrying a 4kg baby around and my back is killing me.

So we’ve spent literally the whole day on the couch. Most of the time Ayla’s been asleep but it’s been peppered with plenty of little cries, the odd girly squeal and short phases of fitful squirming.

I wish I could tell her it’s ok, that the fever is making her stronger and will keep her safe and healthy, but all I can do is hold her tight and kiss her little chubby cheeks.



Wednesday, 15 May 2013: Forty-Four Days Old.

Ayla had her first lot of immunisations today; two needles (one in each leg) and an oral gel.

Hubby took a couple of hours off work so he could come with me and I’m so glad he did.

The injections weren’t too bad, Ayla cried the most heart-wrenching cry I’ve ever heard, but it was over quickly and it only took her about two minutes to forget the whole thing.

It was comforting to have Hubby by my side, we are a team after all, and being the first of many significant moments in Ayla’s life (well, it was a big deal for me!) I know we’ll be in it together every time.

Even after he got home for the day and Ayla’s temperature had kicked in, he’s been right there beside me soothing her and telling her she’s so brave.

It’s going to be a long night, for both of us.