Fat lips and flying cowboys


Saturday, 10 May 2014: One Year and Thirty Nine Days Old.

Ayla’s day was full of rough and tumble today!

It started when Ayla got her first fat lip; from a backfired attempt at crawling up onto her trike by herself.

The trike pushed out from under her and Ayla hit her mouth on an edge, slicing open her bottom lip with one of her sharp little teethies.

Ayla handled the injury really well; no over reaction and no panic, just a cry and a few tears perfectly appropriate to the event of seeing blood for the first time.

To show Ayla what a real injury looks like (no, not really but still…) this evening Ayla donned her baby RM Williams boots for the first time and we took her to her first rodeo.

It was packed by the time we got there and I could tell Ayla was loving the vibes.

We saw most of the routine rodeo events but I reckon Ayla liked the barrel racing the best, watching intently as the horses galloped flat out in the arena.

The bull-riding was good too, and there were even a few “uncooperative” bulls that lingered around near where we were sitting instead of going back through the gates.

This meant Ayla got to hear their snorts and see them rake the ground ready to charge at the first flicker of temptation and the crowed oo’d and ahh’d at every threat.

It ended up being a very late night for our battered and bruised Baby Ayla, but she was wonderfully behaved and super happy to experience every minute of dusty air and flying chunks of poop.


Fly screens are dangerous


Sunday, 2 March 2014: Three Hundred and Thirty Five Days Old.

Ayla got herself into all sorts of trouble today, and we learned that fly screens are dangerous.

Ayla was inside playing at the back door while Hubby and I were outside in the garden, we could hear Ayla playing happily, banging on the screen and singing like she usually does.

But just as we were ready to come back inside Ayla started to cry as if she was stuck.

Hubby went around the front and when he came to the door he could see Ayla at the back door looking out with both hands on the flyscreen.

Ayla’s cries began to get louder and more insistent, as if she had actually hurt herself.

Hubby wasn’t quite sure what was going on and as he struggled with his dirty boots he started to call Ayla’s name in an attempt to get her to turn around and forget about whatever had upset her.

As he was calling her, without success, I reached the back door.

I could see Ayla’s little face smooshed up against the flyscreen, as if she’d slipped down from standing up, but that couldn’t possibly have resulted in the pained cries she was letting out.

On a closer inspection (this has all happened within a matter of seconds mind you), I could see that when Ayla had slipped one of her eyelids got caught in the fly screen, jamming it open and allowing her eyeball to get stuck against the fly screen, hence the crying! Poor baby.

Ayla’s fine though, and went back to being her happy little self not long after Hubby picked her up… and her eye looks fine!


Face plant


Friday, 29 November 2013: Two Hundred and Forty Two Days Old.

Ayla face planted out of her bath and onto the concrete this afternoon.

Ayla’s big enough to sit up in the baby bath and play safely, but sometimes her toys float just out of reach.

Usually Ayla just leans forward and splashes her arms about until the toy comes closer, but today she decided to try using her legs as well!

I couldn’t believe it, the once innocent forward-lean technique had suddenly become a spectacular feat of aerial gymnastics, and in the blink of an eye Ayla was out of the bath and on the concrete with her two chubby legs flailing in the air.

When I picked her up Ayla’s face was red and skewed as if she was crying but no sound was coming out of her mouth.

I noticed the red mark on Ayla’s head at the very same time her voice came back in a terrible scream, and I knew the face plant hurt as much as it looked like it did.

After a big cuddle I dusted Ayla off and popped her back in the bath (gotta get back on the horse they say!) where she carried on like nothing had happened.

Ayla is SO close to becoming mobile; it’s terrifying!

There’s going to be countless more face plants, stacks and croppers to come.

There will be bumps, bruises and blood, band-aids and packets of frozen peas, and every time my heart will break and the guilts will come but then, well I guess it’s all part of being a kid.

Welcome to the kids club Baby Ayla 😉