Tuesday 28 August 2013: One Hundred and Forty Nine Days Old.

Ayla reminded me about moods today… About how we can choose the mood we want to be in.

Ayla is awesome at it; she can go from sad to happy in an instant, and stay that way.

I think it must be because babies are fundamentally happy.

Most (unfortunately not all) people know nothing but happiness in their early days as babies so to be sad or angry is against the norm.

Ayla never chooses to be sad – her chosen state of mind is happy – but if something does make her upset she goes straight back to smiling within moments of it being resolved.

It made me remember what a wise man said to me once; bad moods don’t exist, unless you let them.


Ups and Downs

Saturday, 15 June 2013: Seventy-Five Days Old.

Talk about ups and downs!

Yesterday I really felt like I had my mojo back… But today I’m all out of sorts!

In my defence there was a clear combination of things that got me down today… the V8s are on and we’re not going, I’m too fat for my fat jeans and I had a stale-bread sandwich for lunch.

Plus, Ayla’s has bad wind so she kept waking up every four hours last night, and she’s spent literally the whole day today grizzling, feeding and cat napping.

But thanks to my breast pump, a glass of red wine, and my wonderful hubby, I’m starting to feel good again.

Tomorrows a new day 🙂