Wednesday, 4 June 2014: One Year and Sixty Five Days.

Poor Baby Ayla’s mouth is riddled with ulcers!

When I picked her up from day care they said she’d spent most of the day crying, and when I saw my baby girl with a red swollen bottom lip and drool running down her chin like a tap I knew it wasn’t teething.

After consulting with my personal physician (mum) I decided to brave the potential tears and take a look in Ayla’s mouth.

Her WHOLE bottom lip was covered by two massive blisters.

So, off to the doctors we went, to find out what on earth was happening.

The doctor diagnosed them as ulcers but he was shocked at the severity of them. He prescribed us a soothing ointment that should clear them up in a couple of days.

So for now it hurts whenever Ayla eats, when she drinks, when anything touches face.


Straight in


Saturday, 20 July 2013: One Hundred and Ten Days Old.

Ayla’s started to enter the phase where everything she touches goes straight in her mouth.

And I mean everything; fingers (hers and ours), toys, clothes, bibs, wraps, the cat… Nah, not really the cat but it won’t be long!

So long as Ayla can get her chubby little hands wrapped around something, it’s doomed… It’ll be chewed, sucked and licked until its soaking wet and soggy.

As gross as it sounds its pretty amazing to watch her brain working.

As she sits there, sucking on a blanket, I can see her registering what it feels like, how it tastes, how it changes in her mouth, and all that information is stored away in her amazing sponge of a brain.