Friday, 16 August 201: One Hundred and Thirty Six Days Old.

Baby Ayla had her first trip to the cinema today, to watch “Now You See Me”…. She slept through the whole thing.

It’s Hubby’s week off and while our car was getting new tyres we thought we’d sneak in a quick flick, something we haven’t done together for a loooong time.

It just so happened that the session we wanted to go to was also a “mums and bubs” session, which meant the aisles were filled with prams, toddlers eyed off the area between Row 1 and the screen, and new mums hushed their babies in the darkness.

But, I was quite surprised at a couple of things;

a) How quiet and well behaved the kids were, to the point where I hardly noticed I was in a room full of babies for two hours

b) How unfussed Ayla was by the loud volume and flashing pictures coming from the biggest TV she’s ever seen

I didn’t actually expect Ayla to be upset by the movie, but I also didn’t expect her to sleep through the whole thing! I’ll definitely take her again soon.