One nap per day


Sunday, 9 March 2014: Three Hundred and Forty Two Days Old.

It seems that Ayla has recently decided to have only one nap per day… just like a big girl!

Ever since our day care centre tour a week or so ago, where we were informed that Ayla would have only one nap at around 11.30am, my baby girl seems to have decided to start practicing.

See I usually allocate up to 30 minutes for putting Ayla to sleep, so over the course of the day I’ve found myself spending anywhere up to two hours sitting quietly in her room feeding, nursing and rocking her to sleep.

But now with just one nap around lunch time, Ayla and I have started to build a really good routine with playtime, meals, baths and bed.

I’ve also noticed that one sleep per day almost guarantees me a good solid two hours of time to buzz about the house doing the things I can’t get done when Ayla’s awake.

And, one sleep per day is also bringing Ayla’s bed time closer to 7.30pm than 8pm which is great news all round!

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The best kind of smile


Wednesday, 19 February 2014: Three Hundred and Twenty Four Days Old.

Ayla’s top teeth have been trying to make their presence known for the past week, relentlessly pushing and pulling their way through her gums.

But in true Ayla style she’s handled it exceptionally well, even better than with her first two teeth I think, although day today she was making fish faces and sucking on her tongue so I knew Tooth Number Three wasn’t far away.

The only difference I’ve seen in Ayla with teething this time around has been her reluctance to nap in her bed during the last couple of afternoons, instead preferring to be held and cuddled against my chest.

So today I decided to embrace having a teething baby and instead of the usual “feed-rock-put down-and-repeat” process I chose to sit in the big comfy arm chair in Ayla’s room and cradled her while she slept.

It was the stillest, calmest and quietest I have been in a very long time. In fact, I can’t even remember the last time I just sat with no phone, no TV and no thoughts of what I should be doing instead yelling at me from inside my head.

Ayla slept so peacefully for well over an hour in my arms and I couldn’t take my eyes off her the whole time, committing to memory every tiny detail I could.

Ayla’s face was so relaxed and the long dark lashes that rested on her ivory cheeks would flicker occasionally as she dreamt. Ayla’s bright pink lips were ever so slightly apart and every now and then Ayla’s blonde eyebrows would raise up as if asking a dreamy question.

And, just moments before she woke, a gorgeous sleeping smile spread across Ayla’s face; the best kind of smile I’ve ever seen.




Tuesday, 27 January 2014: Three Hundred and Two Days Old.

I’ve been researching ways to get a baby to nap when they’ve just learned how to crawl/stand/sit, and the general consensus seems to be; “good luck”!

Thankfully Ayla’s night time sleeps are starting to improve, slowly and irregularly mind you, but getting Ayla to nap during the day has become a nightmare.

They say it’s because Ayla’s just learned so many awesome new skills she’s simply hyped up and wants to keep using them all the time.

So I guess it could be akin to and adult discovering a cure for cancer but being told to go to bed… Yeah right!

I think there might also be a knack to the whole “feeding solids” thing that could be impacting on Ayla’s nap times.

Now that Ayla is starting to eat more food I find myself worrying if she’s getting enough and wondering if she can’t sleep because she’s still hungry.

At the moment I just keep giving Ayla different types of food until I start to see more of it on the floor than in her mouth, but how do I know if Ayla’s throwing the food away because she’s full or because she doesn’t like it?

I guess it’s all just another matter of trial and error, and of keeping fingers crossed, until Ayla finally gives up the fight and gets back into a rhythm again.




Wednesday, 2 October 2013: One Hundred and Eighty Four Days Old.

A friend diagnosed Ayla with a FOMO today.

FOMO = Fear Of Missing Out.

The diagnosis came today during a working bee at our unit.

Ayla had been late to bed the night before, and up early with us to get started on reno’s.

So understandably she was tired.

But when nap time came I put her in her cocoon, fed her, and put her to sleep in her bassinet in the bedroom, complete with a mummy-smelling blanket, just like always.

But uh-ah, Ayla refused. She could hear all the activity and excitement going on in the house and she wanted to be a part of it.

Even when I tried to rock her to sleep in my arms Ayla lifted her neck and fixed her eyes on something, anything, to keep her eyes open and sleep at bay.

Ayla was happiest in her bouncer, playing with her toys and joining in the conversation.

But if we accidentally changed rooms without taking her, even if only for a moment, she’d let us know!

The poor darling must have been so tired but Baby Ayla didn’t complain.

To her, it seemed tiredness was a small price to pay for a fun and interesting day.


Over tiredness


Monday, 12 August 2013: Nineteen Weeks Old.

I’m starting to understand the power of over tiredness.

Today, as every day, Baby Ayla was wonderful, happy and good.

It’s Hubby’s week off so we had lots of errands to run and by late afternoon we were working on outdoor renovations at home.

Ayla was happy to chill out in a camp chair while we clattered about in the dust but in all the commotion she missed her evening nap.

So by 7.30pm, as we were on our way home from a final errand, the over tiredness kicked in.

For Ayla, over tiredness brings clinginess, itchy eyes and lots of crying, and after how great she’d been all day I felt terrible for letting her get so sleepy and upset.

As soon as we got home I whisked her into her jammies and tucked her into her cocoon, gave her a big feed and a huge cuddle and… Boom. She was out of it.

Screaming one minute and sleeping like a log the next – Hubby described her as being like a campfire during a monsoon – but I was just so grateful she’d finally made it to the Land of Nod.




Thursday, 18 July 2013: One Hundred and Seven Days Old.

Well, Ayla survived her first night in a big girl bed!

She still wriggled sideways but there were no knots for me to cut out of her hair this morning 🙂

Ayla seems to be getting a better daytime nap routine too; she goes down for a couple of hours around 11am, and then again around 4.30pm.

I’ve been hanging for this routine to take shape for ages and I’m really hoping it lasts!

Even if I can count on a couple of spare hours to myself each day, it will make a world of difference to the house and paper work that’s piling up!