Toilet training


Thursday, 4 September 2014: One Year, One Hundred and Fifty Seven Days Old.

Ayla has decided to start toilet training… herself!

She recently learned the word “wees” and just out of the blue today Ayla decided to take her learning up a notch but proclaiming “wees!” and toddling off to the toilet.

I try my best to get her to the toilet, open the door, lift the lid, take off her pants and undo her nappy before she actually does her wee, but so far the closest I’ve got is catching the last few drops on the side of the bowl.

But the lesson has been learned so I’m consequently preparing myself to stop talking mid sentance, stop chewing halfway through a sandwich or stop with only a rinse of my shampoo to go, all in the name of getting my girl to the loo.




Monday, 14 July 2014: One Year and Fifteen Weeks Old.

Ayla has learned how to take her own nappy off…. It’s chaos.

Hubby and I were rushing to get out the door for a surprise dinner he’d arranged for our wedding anniversary, and Ayla was not interested in cooperating.

After getting out of the shower Ayla decided she’d have some no-nappy time, even though I’d decided she needed clothes on for when the baby sitter arrived.

Ayla’s never been interested in change times, taking great pleasure in kicking and yelling at me, and tonight was no exception.

The only difference was that after the battle when Ayla was back on her feet toddling around, she trumped me by swiftly undoing and taking off her nappy, stuffing it in a bucket, covering it with a toy as hiding it in the corner… Unbelievable!

Without time to argue I grabbed another nappy and put it on Ayla while she was standing, then promptly (and successfully) distracted her with food.

NOTE: this photo is of Ayla SLEEPING on the change table. She didn’t fall asleep there, but she stayed asleep while I changed her!!


She rocked it!


Friday, 8 November 2013: Two Hundred and Twenty Two Days Old.

Ayla hit the streets of the Gold Coast today sporting one of her brand new cloth nappies… And she rocked it!

Hand-made and custom designed, we had THREE people stop us to comment on how cute Ayla looked wearing it.

The nappy has Ayla’s name embroidered on the front, and on the back it says “Day by day she grows. Minute by minute we love”… Naaaawwww!

It’s one of three gorgeous nappies made for me by Bella Rae MCN Embroidery and I’m so glad I found her!

Not only do these cloth nappies look great the one Ayla wore today didn’t impact her rash AT ALL!!

So I’m now a total cloth nappy convert. Sure, disposables are still handy but if these cloth ones keep the rash away and keep earning Baby Ayla complements then I’m completely sold. 🙂



In for the long haul


Wednesday, 30 October 2013; Two Hundred and Twelve Days Old.

Ayla and I ventured out to the shops for supplies today…. We’re in for the long haul.

It’s been two weeks and still Ayla’s nappy rash hasn’t cleared. We’ve been back to the doctors a couple of times but she assures me we’re doing everything we can.

So, in order to get some sort if normality back I stocked up on baby undies (I think they’re supposed to be nappy covers) and a couple of t-shirts.

Up until now I’ve mostly dressed Baby Ayla in pretty little frocks, but a shirt and undies are much easier for on-the-go changes now that Ayla’s nappy-less.

And of course Ayla was a good girl so she got to pick out a toy as well… It’s really not hard to spend a hundred bucks when your shopping for baby!


36 hours


Friday, 18 October 2013: Two Hundred and One Days Old.

It’s been over 36 hours without a nappy now and all is going well.

Ayla had the best nights sleep in ages last night; instead of waking every two to four hours, she slept eight hours and then another four.

I felt like a new woman this morning and I’m sure Ayla did too. Her rash was looking MUCH better and her morning smiles were proof.

But as the day wore on and got hotter, so too did the nappy rash.

We had a lunch date to attend so instead of nappies I dressed Ayla in tiny cotton underpants that I changed after every wee.

Ayla was the epitome of bravery and dignity the whole time. She didn’t complain or bat an eyelid when I stripped her down in the dress store, or when she wet herself at sushi… She was happy and smiling and glad to be alive.

I think Ayla’s been enjoying all the naked time, and I know she’s loved the fun new positions and activities we’ve been doing to minimise the damage caused by impending accidents.

I feel like I’m making it up to her, slowly, and it’s good to know she’s on the mend, but its such an awful uncomfortable thing that I wish I could snap my fingers and take it all away.


Nappy rash


Tuesday, 3 September 2013: One Hundred and Fifty Six Days Old

Poor Baby Ayla has had nappy rash the last couple of days and it seems to be getting worse.

Ayla doesn’t seem too upset by the actual rash, but she has been a little irritable when her nappy’s on.

So to ease the discomfort and try to get the rash under control Ayla’s spent most of the last few days naked.

Ayla loves naked time! She wriggles around on her play mat, kicking at toys, rolling and twisting for what seems like hours.

I feel terrible when naked time is over though (which is usually when I think I’ve pushed my luck in dodging Number Twos) and I have to wrap her sore little bottom back up in a plasticky nappy.

We’re doing our best to fix the rash but I guess it’ one of those things that comes with living in the tropics. I really hope she gets well soon though, the “Build Up” season is nearly here!