Gone are the days


Thursday, 9 January 2014: Two Hundred and Eighty Three Days Old.

Gone are the days of having a great-sleeping baby, I’m just so glad I didn’t take them for granted!

Since early December when we had a few late nights and long days due to a family drama, Ayla’s sleeping patterns have slowly deteriorated.

Gone are the nights of seven to ten hour sleeps.

In fact, even if I could count on four hours straight I’d be stoked!

But each night is a lucky dip, and the best prize I’ve picked in weeks was a five hour stint that was rudely interrupted by my now defunct body clock.

I’m hoping it’s just Ayla’s first few teeth cutting through and that in a couple more weeks we’ll be back to normal.

And although it’s been tough I keep reminding myself that it’s just another stage of creating a little person…


Bump in the night


Monday, 2 September 2013: Twenty Two Weeks Old.

Talk about things going bump in the night!

Last night Hubby and I found that fear has a whole new dimension when a baby is involved.

It was around 1am and I had stirred to a noise coming from the baby monitor. It wasn’t much, but it was enough to disturb me.

I was sleeping lightly because we’d opted to leave Ayla’s door open to keep her room cool overnight.

I knew Cat Cat would take full advantage of the open doors and curl up on top of the wardrobe (fortunately for us 33 degrees and 80% humidity means Ayla’s safe from possible cat suffocation), and I was worried about things getting knocked off the dresser.

Anyway, I went back to sleep after seeing Ayla was safely in her cot, completely undisturbed by whatever noise it was.

But, I must’ve only been asleep for a minute or two when an almighty crash sounded from down the hall and echoed in the baby monitor.

Hubby sat straight up in bed and grabbed my arm, but all I could muster were the words “Ayla’s room. Go.”

He was out the door as quick as a flash, but not before my mind filled with thoughts of our baby daughter being crushed by a wardrobe, or injured in a freak cot collapse.

I have never felt fear like that, and on talking to Hubby today he felt the same.

It wasn’t a fear like when a spider runs across your windscreen or when a mate hides in the shadows to scare you, it was a fear like my very heart was being wrenched out, dragging my soul behind it.

Fortunately nothing had collapsed or crashed. Cat Cat had simply made a less than graceful dismount from her place atop the wardrobe and a box of new sheets ended up as collateral damage on the floor.

But nonetheless it was a shocking wake up… Literally!

Before Ayla people would tell me you’ll never sleep soundly again… They were right!


Days and Nights

Friday, 19 April 2013: Eighteen Days Old.

Ayla’s starting to get her days and nights sorted I think. Touch wood.

Last night there was a feed where she didn’t even wake up, and this morning we shared over three hours of awake time before she had her first nap.

This is great. It means Hubby and I are getting regular (if not slightly longer) sleeps at night, and we get to spend precious “get to know you” time with Ayla during the day.

As for me though, the night time routine is becoming so regular that sometimes I don’t even think I wake up properly!