New hobby


Wednesday, 16 October 2013: One Hundred and Ninety Nine Days Old.

Hubby and I have embarked on a new hobby that promises less hazards for Baby Ayla and more opportunity active fun… Waterskiing.

People might not think waterskiing is the best activity for kids, but it beats treble hooks, razor sharp fish teeth and ocean swells.

It’s a huge deal for Hubby to get excited about anything that isn’t fishing, and it shows how much Ayla has changed our worlds.

What’s so surprising though is how everything feel so organic and natural, and not once have we thought poorly of a change we’ve had to make.

By no means are we giving up fishing – Hubby and I MET fishing so it will always be part of our lives – but our drive to give Ayla a safe and wholesome childhood has simply shifted the focus a little.

Like Hubby’s new hobby, Ayla has helped put some of mine into perspective too.

Instead of being hell bent on daily fitness training I’m now happy to work out on my terms, and instead of pushing myself in multiple directions on countless projects I’m happy just tackling one at a time.

It’s amazing how right everything feels. I know it’s a cliche to say that but it’s true.


Portfolio of Life


Monday, 1 July 2013: Three Months Old.

Today, like every day, I watched Ayla absorb the world around her – sights, sounds, smells, touch – like her senses were building a portfolio of life and storing it away for her future.

Ayla’s learning faces, voices and types of cuddles. She’s learning what she wants and she’s learning how to ask for it. She’s learning the difference between inside and outside, the car and the pram, bedtime and morning.

It’s amazing, watching her fascination with things that to us are so common, insignificant and undervalued.

I wonder if, for her, its like waking up in a new fairy tale every morning, so full of wonder and beauty. And I’m curious to know when (and why) we stop seeing the world that way.