Crowned Princess


Monday, 7 July 2014: One Year and Fourteen Weeks Old.

Ayla came home from day care today with a crown!

I always knew she was a princess but this beautiful hand made crown of hers leaves no doubt !

It’s made out of white cardboard and decorated with purple glitter and Ayla wears it with all the glory it deserves.

As soon as I arrived at the center Ayla ran over to get her crown and brought it to show me, smiling from ear to eat when I popped it on her head and “oooh”‘ed at how wonderful she looked wearing it.

Ayla didn’t like it when we got to the car and I removed her crown, mainly because I wanted to preserve it for Daddy to see.

But when we got home and Ayla adorned herself with her crown once more, she toddled about the yard with all the grace and glamour expected of a princess, and not once did she try to remove it.


Dressing up


Thursday, 15 May 2014: One Year and Forty Five Days Old.

Ayla’s getting to the age now where she loves dressing up.

It’s not uncommon for me to find her in our bedroom with a pair of my underpants on her head (charming) or in her own room pulling out the duty laundry and trying to re-wear her outfits.

Ayla’s also taken a recent interest in my shoes, particularly now that I’m back at work and my poor old thongs have been relegated to weekends.

This morning however I gave Ayla her first piece of costume jewellery to play with and without a moment thought Ayla began adorning her neck with a long strand of plastic pearls.

What was cutest of all was that Ayla seemed to know they were pretty because she almost blushed when she put them on.

Complete with a one-shoulder shrug, half a smile and a tilt of the head Ayla was the epitome of a little girl pretending to be a princess.




Wednesday, 10 July 2013; One Hundred Days Old.

Today we finally turned Ayla’s room into a nursery.

When we bought this house the walls in her room were already pink (lucky we had a girl!), but apart from that we haven’t spent any time making it fit for our princess.

But today we hung a couple of cute pictures, sorted Ayla’s clothes away in the wardrobe, placed some cute accessories on the dresser and put sheets on the cot, ready for when she’s a bit bigger.

It was fun, playing house with my little family. I’m looking forward to doing it again soon.

It will be exciting to see the room change over time as our little girl grows up, when we know if Ayla prefers fairies or princesses, ponies or dolls, Belle or Ariel, pink or purple, or something entirely different.