Lumps and bumps


Wednesday, 30 April 2014: One Year, Four Weeks and One Day Old.

When I picked Ayla up from day care yesterday she had a raised, red, blistery rash on her arms, legs and face that must have been itchy because she was trying to eat her knees!

At first I thought it might have been a grass rash but the day care mums assured me Ayla had worn her long pants when she went outside.

I didn’t really think too much of it, particularly because apart from the two days of screaming on Sunday and Monday Ayla has been her normal happy self.

But today the rash is still there and although it was spreading to her buttocks, back and chest, Ayla is technically well enough for day care because she doesn’t have a fever, an upset stomach or flu-like symptoms.

Alas, around lunch time I got “the call” (the second one in two days) and was asked to pick Ayla up and take her to the doctors to “rule out” measles.

It’s a requirement in the Territory to advise medical receptionists if you’re suspected of having measles, so consequently Ayla and I were asked to stand outside in the carpark, in the sun, in the middle of the afternoon and wait for a doctor to come to us.

The doctor seemed to think Ayla’s rash is viral but because of the small chance that it could be measles she had to take swabs by bursting some of Ayla’s blisters which have now, already, turned into unsightly scabs.

This all means that Ayla is now officially quarantined at home until the results come back tomorrow evening.

It’s all very gross (I hate lumps and bumps) but while Ayla seems happy enough I’m not too worried. Here’s hoping it stays that way!




Baby Ayla is NOT allergic to nuts, seafood, shellfish, dairy, wheat, stone fruit, bananas, coconut, eggs or any of the other usual suspects…

Baby Ayla is allergic to grass.

I’m the same; if we sit or lie in grass for any more than a few minutes we’ll break out in a fine, red, itchy rash that’s borderline painful.

After a number of short adventures on the lawn I thought Ayla may have escaped my grass-rash gene, but today she spent a good hour in the backyard and by the end her of it little legs were red from the knees down.

I felt awful for Ayla because I knew exactly what she was going through and I could tell that the rash was upsetting her because our usual night time routine was in an uproar of irritability.

Even when I put Ayla in the sink for a bath she still yelled and whinged, and it was then that I realised an itchy rash must be torture for baby who can’t scratch!

So out came the Calamine lotion, which I rubbed on Ayla’s little legs after she’d had cool bath, and then Hubby carried her around under her arms for a while so her legs could dangle and dry.

Finally when the Calamine had set and Ayla was cocooned and ready for bed she started to settle, so I turned her air con down a couple of degrees and hoped we’d all get a good nights sleep.


An Update


Tuesday, 5 November 2013: Two Hundred and Eighteen Days Old.

I think it’s time for a nappy rash update.

The ongoing no-nappy routine has been long and tedious; after every wee Ayla’s bathed and dried and new cream put on. Then I remove, rinse and wash the dirty linen/clothes/mat before replacing it with clean stuff.

At night time, Ayla wakes up after every wee so I’ve been getting up to do the routine in the dark but adding in a change of bedding and new pyjamas.

And then when we go out it’s a matter of packing countless cloths, wraps, changes of clothes, wipes, face washers and creams.

It’s also important to note that on top of all this our washing machine is broken and can only handle a quarter of a load at a time.

Regardless of all the hassle over the past three weeks though, it’s been worth it to see a difference no matter how slow the results have been.

But I’m now thinking Ayla might have some kind of allergy (instead of an infection) because as soon as her wee touches her skin the “rash” flares up, almost instantly.

Everyone has been so wonderful in providing me with advice and support and I’m grateful for the group effort (go Team Baby Ayla!)


36 hours


Friday, 18 October 2013: Two Hundred and One Days Old.

It’s been over 36 hours without a nappy now and all is going well.

Ayla had the best nights sleep in ages last night; instead of waking every two to four hours, she slept eight hours and then another four.

I felt like a new woman this morning and I’m sure Ayla did too. Her rash was looking MUCH better and her morning smiles were proof.

But as the day wore on and got hotter, so too did the nappy rash.

We had a lunch date to attend so instead of nappies I dressed Ayla in tiny cotton underpants that I changed after every wee.

Ayla was the epitome of bravery and dignity the whole time. She didn’t complain or bat an eyelid when I stripped her down in the dress store, or when she wet herself at sushi… She was happy and smiling and glad to be alive.

I think Ayla’s been enjoying all the naked time, and I know she’s loved the fun new positions and activities we’ve been doing to minimise the damage caused by impending accidents.

I feel like I’m making it up to her, slowly, and it’s good to know she’s on the mend, but its such an awful uncomfortable thing that I wish I could snap my fingers and take it all away.