Can you see it?


Saturday, 31 January 2014; Three Hundred and Five Days Old.

Since Ayla was born her resemblance to Hubby has been so uncanny that I’ve struggled to remember she’s half me!

But tonight at my Dad’s place I came across a photo of my brother and I as kids that gave me a glimmer of hope.

I’m about 3 years old in the photo and try as I might the only similarity I could draw with Ayla was my fair skin and white blonde hair.

But just as I was about to give up and resign myself to the fact she’ll forever be a Hubby mini-me, I glanced at my baby brother.

He must have been a little over 12 months old when the picture was taken and while not identical to Ayla there is no doubting that they’re kin.

Take a look for yourself… What do you think?



History and future


Thursday, 30 January 2014: Three Hundred and Four Days Old.

Ayla and I visited one of my old school friends and her six week old baby boy today.

As we sat around the kitchen table and caught up on old times I found my heart warmed by how easy it was to talk with someone who’s known me so long.

Although my friend and I had fallen out of touch over the years (this was only our third catch up since 2005) it was our two beautiful babies who brought us together.

New life is amazing.

Ayla has changed my world – the way I see it, the way I value it and the way I live it – and it’s clear that Baby James has done the same for my friend.

My friend and I now share not only our history but our futures as well.

And although there’s thousands of kilometres between us our friendship has been refreshed as if we’d moved in next door, and I have my Baby Ayla to thank for it.


Lots of little things


Friday, 26 July 2013: One Hundred and Fifteen Days Old.

It was a public holiday today and although it was rather uneventful it was fulfilling and wholesome and gave me the opportunity to appreciate the little things.

And there are LOTS of little things!

The three of us have our health, we have goals and dreams, we have wonderful friends and loving families, we share adventures, we learn, we love.

It always seems to be that epiphany’s like this hit at the strangest times…

We’d been at the Show (it was the local Show Holiday) and we were making our way to the car, Ayla in the pram with me pushing.

There was an acrobatic show on and a huge crowd had gathered, but we stopped a fair distance away and watched for a moment.

It was like the performance was only for us. There was no one around and we were alone as a family, happy and smiling as the acrobat cracked corny jokes from atop a 50 foot pole.

Then it struck; we are so lucky, to be who we are, where we are, what we are. In that moment, and the next.