Fly screens are dangerous


Sunday, 2 March 2014: Three Hundred and Thirty Five Days Old.

Ayla got herself into all sorts of trouble today, and we learned that fly screens are dangerous.

Ayla was inside playing at the back door while Hubby and I were outside in the garden, we could hear Ayla playing happily, banging on the screen and singing like she usually does.

But just as we were ready to come back inside Ayla started to cry as if she was stuck.

Hubby went around the front and when he came to the door he could see Ayla at the back door looking out with both hands on the flyscreen.

Ayla’s cries began to get louder and more insistent, as if she had actually hurt herself.

Hubby wasn’t quite sure what was going on and as he struggled with his dirty boots he started to call Ayla’s name in an attempt to get her to turn around and forget about whatever had upset her.

As he was calling her, without success, I reached the back door.

I could see Ayla’s little face smooshed up against the flyscreen, as if she’d slipped down from standing up, but that couldn’t possibly have resulted in the pained cries she was letting out.

On a closer inspection (this has all happened within a matter of seconds mind you), I could see that when Ayla had slipped one of her eyelids got caught in the fly screen, jamming it open and allowing her eyeball to get stuck against the fly screen, hence the crying! Poor baby.

Ayla’s fine though, and went back to being her happy little self not long after Hubby picked her up… and her eye looks fine!


Tummy sleeper

Sleeping on her tummy

Sunday, 13 October 2013: One Hundred and Ninety Six Days Old.

Ayla is a tummy sleeper, just like me.

At first it freaked me out when I saw her roll from her side to her stomach at night, particularly because of all the information out there from SIDS and Kids about safe sleeping.

What worried me most was that Ayla sleeps in her ergo cocoon so her arms are held in close to her body to minimise nighttime waking.
But I’ve watched Ayla move about while she’s sleeping and I’m confident she’s ok.

Her head and neck control is excellent; I’ve seen her lift her head and move it around while she’s on her tummy.

I’ve also seen Ayla roll from her front to her back while wearing the cocoon, which is now quite stretched and allows her to push up using her arms if she needs to.

I know that tummy sleeping is not ideal, at any age, but if Ayla’s happy and sleeping peacefully then I am too.

I also think she looks pretty cute wrapped up like a pink caterpillar with her li’l bubble-butt in the air.

<<This post is also part of a weekly photo challenge I’ve been invited to join. This week’s challenge is “sleeping”.>>