Sea legs


Tuesday, 9 Juky 2013: Ninety-Nine Days Old.

Ayla showed us she’s got good strong sea legs today!

The first time we took her out in our boat she was just four weeks old, the the water was warm and the weather was cool. She slept the whole time in our arms and didn’t seem to notice the ocean around her.

Today, she’s fourteen weeks old and the conditions were opposite. It was windy, choppy, rough, and this time Ayla was awake for most of the time, but she loved it!

Hubby and I set her up in her bouncer at the front of the boat and she happily sat and watched for ages while we fished.

Ayla even had her first Barra experience today, although might be a while before she catches one of her own.

All the excitement wore Her our after a while so we popped her back in the bouncer and she slept the whole way back to the boat ramp. She was even smiling in her sleep 🙂