Sunday, 11 August 2013; One Hundred and Thirty Two Days Old

My darling Baby Ayla has a freckle!

I love Ayla’s porcelain skin and was happy to think she’d keep her beautiful pale and pure complexion forever.

But now, since finding the freckle on her upper arm, I think she’ll be like me… Pale, pasty and freckly.

Don’t get me wrong, a couple of freckles across the nose is pretty cute, but the sunburn, the peeling and the identification of more freckles is kind of a bummer.

Hubby is beautifully brown, he tans in minutes and is “low risk” in the skin cancer department. And I’m exactly the opposite.

But on the upside I’m more experienced than the average person when it comes to keeping the rays and bay so hopefully I can keep Ayla sun proofed… At least til she’s 16.



Wednesday, 12 June 2013: Seventy-Two Days Old.

I’m making the call… Ayla’s eyes are blue!

Technically a baby’s eye colour can change up until it reaches six months old.

But Ayla’s eyes have been getting lighter every day since she was born and they seem to have settled firmly on blue… Just like mine!

It’s pretty special because out of Ayla’s seven cousins only one has blue eyes.

Annndddd…. What’s even more exciting is that her hair is turning blonde!

Underneath the dark brown baby fluff she was born with, there’s a bunch of golden strands that are getting longer every day!

So not only does Ayla have gorgeous porcelain-cream skin, turns out she might be a blue-eyed blondie too!