Tuesday, 23 September 2014: One Year, One Hundred and Seventy Seven Days Old.

Ayla had her first weigh-in in nearly a month this morning, and she’s put on 200 grams; her first weight gain in seven weeks!

When we first started weighing Ayla back in July she was 8.68kg; equal to what she weighed when she was nine months old. Since then however Ayla’s weight consistently declined week after week, hitting an all time low of 8.25kg in early August.

Just before we went down south Ayla’s weight seemed to have stabilised at 8.35kg, and while that was still extremely small for her age and height we were grateful she was no longer losing weight.

The whole time we were away there was no changes to Ayla’s weight, but after starting the prescription formula on Friday I swear I’ve already been noticing a bit more chub in her face, arms and legs (even though no one else can!).

So it’s not surprising I was keen for Ayla’s weigh-in this morning, if only to find out whether I was believeing my own wishful thinking or not! But, when I popped Ayla on the scales I coudl hardly believe my eyes when I read 8.55kg.

My theory, so far, is this….

As Ayla is not growing upwards at all, she doesn’t need much food to sustain her activities and therefore she hardly eats, hence why she’s not been putting on weight either.

But, now Ayla’s on prescription formula that’s full of good fats and oils it’s providing all the nutrients Ayla could possibly need and more. So although she’s is still not growing upwards, the extra calories Ayla’s consuming are making her gain weight, because I guess they need to go somewhere!

It’s all positive I suppose, although sudden and unnecessary weight-gain comes with it’s own problems. But, hopefully by plying Ayla’s body full of goodness something might trigger inside that makes her grow again. If not though, we can rest assured Ayla’s not losing weight, becoming malnourished or damaging her organs or brain through not having enough energy to sustain her. Mind you, this is only the first weigh-gain in a while and if I’ve learned anything through all of this it’s to take each day one at a time.




Sunday 8 September 2013: One Hundred and Sixty One Days Old.

Over the last day or so Ayla’s really started to take an interest in what we’re eating by reaching for, grabbing at and leaning towards our food.

So at lunch today we decided to give her something of her own to eat and that’s when Ayla tried her very first strawberry.

We squeezed it a little first so that the juices seeped out then we put it in her food net and handed it to her.

Not unexpectedly, Ayla loved it!

She sat quietly sucking away while we finished our lunch peacefully, but before long Ayla started to get excited (or developed a sugar high… Not sure which).

Ayla was in Hubby’s lap and she started waving the food net around, banging it furiously on her belly and legs before letting it fling off into the dirt.

The game was over and the strawberry’s number was well and truly up but its legacy lived on in the sticky pink juice it left behind…. In Ayla’s hair, on her skin and all over her nappy – look closer at the photo!