Rolling over


Tuesday, 23 July 2013: One Hundred and Thirteen Days Old.

Baby Ayla has just started rolling over!

I thought she did it yesterday but I couldn’t be sure, then today I saw her with my own eyes!

I’m not certain if Ayla’s rolling over is deliberate or accidental at this stage, but I definitely watched her rolled from her back to her stomach and over onto her back again.

So proud!


Standing before she can crawl


Friday, 19 July 2013: One Hundred and Nine Days Old.

Ayla is almost standing but she can’t even sit up yet, let alone crawl!

Whenever she stands Ayla looks at me wide-eyed with surprised excitement on her face… As if she’s trying to squeal “Look Mum! I’m doing this! I’m actually doing this!”

Ayla also lifts her shoulders and sticks her arms out to try and get her balance, but secretly I think she might be trying fly like a superhero.

I googled “babies standing” and apparently it’s not uncommon for three month old babies to try it. But, I can’t quite work out if they do it to copy us, or if its some sort of development reflex.

Either way, its super cute and I like to think Ayla’s something special! 😉

NOTE: By the time we got the camera out for this photo she’d had enough and wanted to sit down (that’s why she looks like she’s in mid collapse)




Wednesday, 26 June 2013: Eighty-Six Days Old
It is so exciting to watch as Ayla grows stronger and smarter every day.

There’s times when I can literally SEE her thinking, and I’d give anything to know what’s going on inside her head.

And then there’s the times where she surprises herself, as well as me, with how strong she has become.

Just today she was able to lift her head and push her body up from lying flat on her belly, and she purposefully reached out and grabbed a stuffed toy dog by its ear with one hand and its nose with the other.

It made me realise how much I’m missing Hubby, and how much I wish he wasn’t missing these tiny little developments.

Thank goodness for iPhones.