Notice: Holiday intermission


Hubby, Ayla and I are heading out of town for a few days where we’ll have limited Internet access (can’t wait!!).

Anyway, this will probably mean that I won’t have the chance to upload posts to An Ayla A Day until 2014.

I will still be writing and keeping track of our adventures, so stay tuned for a massive multi-post upload in early Jan!

I also want to take this opportunity to thank you all for joining me on my motherhood journey, and for being there to share in some of the ups and downs over the past eight and a half months.

Although you’re all spread out around the globe, Ayla and I, and Hubby too, feel the love and blesses you send us and we’re very thankful.

I wish you all a very wonderful New Year and a truly fantastic 2014.





Tuesday, 12 November 2013: Two Hundred and Twenty Five Days Old

Yesterday was Remembrance Day but it was only today that I found myself with time to reflect on our lives the world I’ve brought my Baby Ayla in to.

We’re definitely in the lucky country. We have so much to be thankful for in Australia – stability, security, abundance, growth – but these things don’t come easily and shouldn’t be taken for granted.

At our current, overwhelming rate of change I worry that the stories of our veterans, their dogged spirit and the raw and honest passion that drove our national sprit could sadly become more legend than memory.

It seems that for new generations, the concept of fighting for your country, or your community, or even for your family is being overridden by a need to fight for yourself.

But while I will raise Ayla to be strong, I will also raise her to be kind. And while I will teach her about passion, I will also teach her about empathy and understanding.

I will help Ayla learn about right and wrong and even the grey patch in between, and I will teach her that no matter how fast and busy life becomes there is always time to stop and say thanks.


Overwhelming Generosity

Saturday, 13 April 2013: Twelve Days Old.

Since having Ayla, Hubby and I have been overwhelmed by the generosity shown to us by our wonderful friends.

We’ve had what felt like queues of people lining up to wish us well and meet our little daughter, and so many of them have showered us in gifts, flowers and congratulations that have meant so much.

With our family being interstate, it is comforting to know we have such a close network of great people who are there for us.

We still have much love and great support to look forward to though; Ayla’s grandparents start arriving next week!