Second Mothers Day


Sunday, 11 May 2014: One Year and Forty One Days Old.

I can’t believe today was my second Mothers Day.

It feels so different to last year when Ayla was only six weeks new, brown haired and floppy necked and so very fragile and pure.

This year however, knowing it’s my second Mothers Day, I feel as though I should know what I’m doing but of course I clearly don’t!

Every day with Ayla is like a whole new world, and I just have to think back twelve months ago to realise how much we’ve changed… Both of us.

Being my second Mothers Day also took some of the shine away (already!) but we had a lovely day nonetheless.

And although it wasn’t my first Mothers Day I was lucky enough to receive my first homemade presents from Ayla and I will treasure them for many more Mothers Days to come.




Wednesday, 22 May 2013: Fifty-One Days Old.

Timing is everything with a new baby!

It’s not that looking after Ayla is particularly hard – it’s mostly just nappy changes and feedings – but those simple things seem to take up a LOT of time!

Plus, when Ayla is awake all I want to do is hang out with her, talk to her and play with her, and before I know it it’s tea time!

So timing what needs to be done for the day around her sleeps and happy times is a great art that I am slowly mastering.

I think the key is patience; taking the time to stop and give her a proper feed instead of rushing it and leaving her half hungry, or spending the five minutes it takes to walk to the parents room to change her.

The result is a happy baby, and that means a happy mum!