Friday, 18April 2014: One Year, Two Weeks and Three Days Old

Ayla has started grinding her teeth together!

It’s horrific; like scraping fingernails along a black board, which ironically is a sound Ayla will probably never hear or understand.

And even though Ayla looks damn cute when she juts out her bottom jaw and gnashes her four front (and only) teeth together, I just can’t stand it.

I think the grinding is a cruel product of learning to brush her teeth because at this stage (thankfully!) Ayla only seems to grind when she sees her toothbrush or we talk about brushing them.

I have been trying not to make a fuss hoping desperately she’ll forget how to do it soon, but for now its goosebumps all round.


First toothbrush


Sunday, 13 April 2014: One Year, One Week and Five Days Old.

Ayla got her first toothbrush and she’s not afraid to use it!

All this week Ayla’s watched me brush my teeth with so much interest, that I’ve been handing it over to her to play with each morning.

So I decided the time had come to get Ayla her own toothbrush, she does have four teeth after all!

Tonight Ayla had her first go at using it and she knew exactly what to do!

It was so cute watching Ayla sit in the bathroom sink and brush her tiny milk teeth, although admittedly there was a lot more sucking and chewing going on than brushing!

Ayla even knew to put the head of the toothbrush under the running tap before using it, and she even started to learn how to bare her teeth so I can get in and give them a proper clean.

Ayla loved having her own toothbrush so much that she wouldn’t put it down, carrying it with her the whole time we were getting her ready for bed.


Toothy grin


Thursday, 6 April 2014: Three Hundred and Thirty Nine Days Old.

I’m in love with Ayla’s toothy grin!!

Ayla now has four front teeth – two at the top and two at the bottom – and my happy little girl never misses an opportunity to flash them.

Most people I know only show their top teeth when they smile, but when Ayla decides to show the world she’s happy all four pearly whites are on display.

It melts my heart every time! When Ayla smiles she crinkles up her nose, her eyes slim down and she bares all her shiny white teeth as if she’s proud to be a big girl.

And a big girl she is! Ayla’s teeth have given her a much older appearance, and sometimes I swear she’s almost a toddler with the way she looks… and acts!

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Three at once


Monday, 24 February 2014: Forty Seven Weeks Old.

Ayla and I were very busy today but I think the constant activity helped distract her from the awful pain of teething.

I can see three of Ayla’s top teeth all trying to push their way through at once; one front one and her two incisors (the pointy sharp fangs on either side of the front ones, which must feel like razor sharp samurai swords slowly splitting their way through her gums).

It must be agony for my poor Baby Ayla and I could tell she was suffering because she became grizzly and clingy and hard to please whenever we were between jobs or activities today.

I guess the thing with having an easygoing baby is that it doesn’t take much for it to feel like you’ve suddenly acquired a difficult one and I was grateful for the things that kept her occupied today.

Ayla spent most of the day in water actually – she had a swimming lesson, played with the hose, sucked on melting ice cubes and had multiple baths – and although it kept a smile on her face while I got stuck into some renovations I could see Ayla was distracted and uncomfortable.

I hope the teeth come through soon, I hate to see Ayla in pain like this but I can’t believe her little gummy smile is nearly nothing but a memory!

PS – I can’t remember if I made note on here about Ayla’s third tooth when it came through… it’s her first top one and has joined her two front bottom teeth.


Second tooth


Friday, 10 January 2014: Two Hundred and Eighty Four Days Old.

Ayla’s second tooth has cut through!

My baby girl now has her two front bottom teeth and she certainly ain’t afraid to use them!

Ayla has been chomping down on everything, and I thought the drool was bad before… Ha!

Ayla got to test out her new tooth today when she took her first proper bite of food; Hubby offered her a suck of his paddle pop and it came back looking like a giant one-toothed rat had had a chew.

Thankfully though (touch wood) I have so far escaped becoming a teething toy, but surely it won’t be long before I let out a yelp that will echo in the ears of breastfeeding mothers everywhere.

But impending bloodshed aside, I’m glad the tooth is here and I’m hoping we’ll get at least a couple of nights of normal sleep now, until Tooth #3 starts making an appearance.