Sunday, 24 November 2013: Two Hundred and Thirty Seven Days Old.

Ayla experienced her first cyclone tonight; “TC Alessia”.

Ayla was a little ball of energy all afternoon so we figured she must have bren excited, but in hindsight Ayla was probably just picking up on our vibes.

In true Territory fashion the three of us headed to a friends place to kick start a cyclone party, which involved a lot of speculation about what was going to happen when it hit.

As the wind and rain picked up we took Ayla outside to experience Alessia face to face, but it wasn’t much more than an average storm.

In fact, was a bit if a fizzer really – Alessia crossed the coast as a weak Category 1, maybe even a tropical low – with virtually no impact to people or property.

But, it was still a cyclone nonetheless!!




Tuesday, 19 November 2013: Two Hundred and Thirty Two Days Old.

We awoke this morning to the very first monsoon of Ayla’s life.

As a Territory baby Ayla will only know three seasons instead of four – the wet, the dry and the build up – and I think there’s something pretty special about that.

Luckily for Ayla, she loves the rain. As soon as she woke up this morning I took her outside wearing nothing but her nappy, to smell, and see and feel the morning downpour.

Ayla was in awe. Her tiny half naked body clung to me in a big hug while her head rested gently on my should and I sung to her softly as we rocked to the cacophony of rain, frogs and thunder.

Ayla drunk it all in; from the rain pouring off the roof, to the puddles forming in the mud and she smiled, wide eyes, the whole time.


Tropical Baby


Monday 9 September 2013: Twenty Three Weeks Old

Ayla certainly is a tropical baby!

Because we’ve been renovating we’ve had to rely on only a fan to keep Ayla cool at night, but yesterday we had new airconditioners installed throughout the house.

But this means we now face the dilemma of “what is optimum temperature” for Ayla to sleep in.

After last nights efforts where her room was 25 degrees and Ayla woke every three hours with a cold face, tonight we’re going to try 27.

It feels weird to set a cooling device to 27 degrees, but when the standard temperature is 31 I guess it’s not that crazy.